Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Cardcaptors: The Movie (Part 1)


And it's time for adventure once again! Giant wings fill the screen as a gloved hand makes a magic arrow appear from thin air. The birdlike staff reveals itself along with its mount while the figure clad in a blue tunic readies her bow.

"Ah, Sakura, watch out!"

Arrows rain down on Sakura as she dodges the onslaught. Luckily, Li intercepts one that nearly reaches her (and he has his shitty second voice) and Sakura seizes the opportunity to use her signature Windy card to stop it for a bit and nab The Arrow card from behind. As usual, Meilin is not happy about this.

A few water droplets introduce the title screen: just plain white text. They could have at least used the logo.

That night, Sakura dreams of water droplets and finds herself in an abandoned building standing on top of the mirrored floor. Yes, it's supposed to be water, but it's strange how she is just standing on it like it's solid. Snake bandages emerge to the sound of Oriental music and wrap around her, pulling her in to the water without resistance. And somehow, she can breathe! This is not ordinary water, that's for sure. She hears the enigmatic words: "Water is ever flowing." just before the rays of the morning sun enter the real world's room. Hmm...this isn't the usual dream, so something's up.

The students are all getting their report card. Sakura nervously opens hers, and in relief, managed to get a C in music. Hmm...her voice suddenly deepened here. Voice actor going through puberty, perhaps? Li is really nervous about getting his report card, and loudmouth Meilin lets slip that he has to show his mother. Madison managed to get straight A's, being the model student she is. Finally, Li and Meilin are up, and Meilin's shocked voice pierces the room since she didn't get straight A's. So much for being perfect at about everything. In the end, Li at least managed to get only one B-, which he thinks will be okay in his mother's eyes.

For their first time out of classes for Spring Break, Sakura and Madison head over to Maggie's shop. It turns out she's hosting a contest with the grand prize being a trip for 4 to Hong Kong. Well, considering the stuff that makes it into her shop, something wicked this way comes. And indeed, unbeknownst to Sakura, the golden grand prize ball magically levitates into her hand.

In excitement, Sakura tells Kero all about it, and Kero reveals he used to live there when Clow Reed was still alive. He wonders how it's changed and is prepared to show Sakura all the best spots, but there's just one problem. Her dad is going off on a business trip. But that's no issue. Tori is willing to miss a few shifts on his job to supervise her, and he's bringing *gasp* Julian!

"Come with me On a magical journey Where all your fantasies Can come true". Such an addictive song. Madison, of course, brought her trusty camera and plans to make a movie out of it: Madison and Sakura's First World Tour!'s just Hong Kong. Unless it's part of a series, but then that would be some major Schedule Slip. Tori informs her that she can't wear shoes on the plane, only for the flight attendant to reveal they had no such rule. TOOOORI!

As usual, Kero's presence leads to some awkward hijinks as Sakura struggles to preserve her secret. She tucks Kero away just as *gasp* Julian shows up! It's his first time in Hong Kong too!

Sakura and Madison arrive in their luxurious hotel room, and in excitement, Sakura forgets that Kero is in her bag as she throws it haphazardly on the couch. Kero gazes onto the landscape and realizes that yes indeed, Hong Kong has changed a lot with all the looming skyscrapers. Welcome to the turn of the millenium, Kero.

The four travellers go on a boat ride together, where Tori taunts Sakura about the sharks. But she doesn't see a shark, just a badly animated seagull. Sakura is really impressed by the size of this place, and can't wait to see what's next. Well, Kero still senses powerful magic from this place, and more importantly, great food. But back to business, he suspects there was something fishy about the contest, as Clow Reed used to say nothing was accidental.

She has the newer dream again, this time seeing some strange white birds and a mysterious floating woman with the long banners that entwined Sakura in the previous incarnation of the dream. As they beckon Sakura forward to touch them, Kero's snoring has her regain consciousness just enough to grab air instead.

On a side note, I can't really say the animation has improved much from the regular series. The water effect while they're on the boat is nice and there's more polish in the character models, but it often comes off as sterile. Then again, maybe I'm expecting too much considering I'm using Pokémon (where the movie animation is significantly improved from the series) as a reference.