Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Third Element

Something plot-important is up, because the recurring dream is becoming more and more frequent. This time, she sees the Clow Cards raining down, but as soon as she tries to pick one up, they all vanish! While trying to discern the shadow lady's identity, she appears in real life! Ms. Mckenzie welcomes her back to math class from Dreamland, but class is already over.

Sakura is determined to figure out the mystery herself, denying Madison's suggestions that she ask Kero. She believes that some sort of test is coming since she's coming close to capturing all the cards, and she wants to pass it herself to prove it to her and Li. At drill team trials, Sakura's friends talk about the winter carnival that they unfortunately cannot attend due to vacation. Sakura can't focus on the trials since she's worried about what would happen to Kero, that he'll change. After Li puts on an impressive gymnastics display to become captain of the drill team, Madison gets the idea that perhaps his number 1 fangirl could help with the whole issue.

Meilin is pleased that Sakura is giving her some attention. After some rather noisy pondering, she comes up with a brilliant idea: "Ask Li Showron!" Of course. However, this actually turns pretty challenging as Sakura keeps picking up and putting down the phone out of indecision. Finally, Kero presses the Call button. After her initial annoyance, she suddenly realized the line was on and she asked Li if he could talk to her about something at the winter carnival. However, it wasn't Li. It was Julian. Kero just complains about not getting asked to the winter carnival in response to Sakura pointing out he got the wrong number.

Well, it worked out in the end, as Sakura managed to get Julian over to the winter carnival with him. Wonder if cute couples get in free. Madison and Kero have shown up in their espionage garb from the Watery Card episode, oblivious to the burning wreath beside them. Sakura and Julian meet up with Li and Meilin, which gets Li doing some bizarre marching and Meilin annoyed they have to hang out with Julian. She is fully aware Sakura wants to chat with Li about the Clow Cards, and snarkily remarks, "You'll owe me."

Meilin and Julian seem to be enjoying all the rides while Sakura is feeling the pressure and Li just can't handle the motion sickness. They stop to eat, and who else is serving them but Tori? Meanwhile, Madison is snooping as usual while Kero naturally complains about being starving. He doesn't have too much time to get excited over the prospect of pudding cake, though, as his Clow Senses go off soon after.

Julian notices that a cord has set on fire, but in his usual denseness, thinks it is just a gimmick. The blaze intensifies and an outer environment shot reveals it has spread all over the park. Li decides to buy some time for a distraction by using the Time card so Sakura can put everyone to sleep while they fight the fire. Of course, that takes up a lot of energy, so it's up to Sakura. She begins with Windy, a bad move as it merely fans the flames. Kero warns her that this is a strong one, as it's one of the four elements, The Fiery. Li suggests she use Water(y), but Kero believes that a bad idea, since it could take advantage of Water(y) in the same way. Sakura tries to run away, to get help (Where?) as Fiery shoots its flames at her. Kero taunts her by claiming maybe this is as far as she goes, which snaps some sense back into her as she tries out the risky strategy of combining Wind and Water. Unsurprisingly, the combination works out fine and Firey is powerless against their combined force.

A magical aura suddenly surrounds Kero. Sakura wonders what's wrong with him, but Kero says that this is the first stage of his transformation and he's got some of his power back! Turns out Sakura's worries that he'd leave him were unfounded after all! Still, he's still a stuffed animal to Li. Here we go again. As he continues to tease Kero, Ms. Mckenzie watches them all in the background.

Madison and Meilin both lament missing the capture, with the latter accusing Sakura for being "up to something". As they sit inside the Ferris Wheel, Julian is still left wondering about Sakura's issue, but she says it all worked out in the end. Outside, they see what looks like glowing snow; the remnant of Kero's power as he flies across the sky like a comet. As everyone witnesses the spectacle, the soothing sound of Ordinary Girl plays in the background.

Well, it's been quite a ride, and I hope you enjoyed following along as much as I had writing it. Merry Christmas, and I'll see you all next year chronicling The Movie.

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  • Act quick, be brave. Your heart will show you the way.