Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


By The Light Of The Full Moon

What a long-winded title.

Chelsea informs Sakura and Nikki there's a quiz contest tomorrow. They're going to be in pairs, which means she's stuck with Zachary, but he is really good at quizzes. Sakura thinks about it during baton practice, maybe getting Madison to be her partner, and of course, her lapse in concentration leads to her catching the baton with her head.

The girls finally arrive at an advertisement for the Reedington Quiz Tournament, which was set up to help everyone familiarize themselves more with their own hometown. Just as Sakura plans to sign up with Madison, someone else shows up. *gasp* Julian! Tori can't participate since he's working that day, but he did take the time to knit a shirt for his little sister. That night, Kero stares at the mysterious moon while noting his powers haven't returned yet. Again, he says the enigmatic name: Yue.

It's a bright, sunny day at the opening of the Quiz Tournament. Right on time, Chelsea has shown up with Zachary, who strangely can't keep a consistent voice as he has a deep one this ep. Meilin naturally shows up too, as arrogant as ever. Li is pretty unhappy as he was obviously dragged along into this.

The announcer reveals that it's not just a quiz, but partially a scavenger hunt as well. Each pair will get a card with 10 stamp locations for every correct quiz answer. As well, each correct question comes with the location of the next one, until all the quizzes are complete and the final location of the Reedington flower carving is revealed. Of course, no sequence breaking is allowed. To claim the prize, they need all 10 stamps.

Zachary goes on about the very first quiz which was the classic "What animal has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs at night?" Sakura, wondering what the answer is, gets a reply from Julian: that it's a human! Anyway, the first question involves a star made of 10 matchsticks and those 10 matchsticks must be rearranged to create another star. To Sakura's surprise, Tori is hosting the first quiz booth. Julian rearranges the matchsticks into the Japanese kanji for "star", claiming the first stamp. Soon after, Meilin rushes into the booth and throws the matchsticks into the air, claiming it represented the stars in the sky. Of course, that's wrong, but Meilin's a persistent one. Guardian of the Cards starts up as Meilin tries again, this time showing him the Orion constellation. Yep, it's hard being the new kid. The sweet lyrics of the song play over a short montage of Sakura and Julian going off to solve another 8 puzzles. Pity it couldn't have gone on longer, but its time to shine will come eventually.

Chelsea and Zachary have just finished the last quiz hosted by Ms. Mckenzie as Sakura and Julian show up. The puzzle requires Sakura to get the ball out of the flask without putting her hand in it, breaking the flask, or turning it upside down. She's also going to have to do it with no help from Julian since it's a single-person quiz decided by Rock-Paper-Scissors. As she ponders the question, Ms. Mckenzie begins to admit that she knows something about Julian, but she retracts her statement quickly. Sakura finally solves the roadblock by using the water to float the ball to the top of the flask. That was easy. As they prepare to leave, Ms. Mckenzie warns her of a full moon tonight.

The pair head off to Penguin Park to find their prize. They walk right into the dark forest, not the least bit suspicious. This situation mirrors that of a previous episode, so Sakura should know better. Over a small cliff (the same one?), she sees the full moon even though it's still day out. Enraptured, the mysterious dream stirs in her consciousness. She begins to fall as Julian reaches out to catch her, but it's too late. They both fall into the depths.

Kero and Ms. Mckenzie are both watching the full moon during the night proper. Sakura turns out all right, but Julian hurt his leg in the process. Yet he's just glad she's all right. In the process, he also managed to find the carving. With Sakura's help, the two walk back to the contest.

It's been hours, yet Meilin is still hard at the first question. Li, annoyed decides to leave. Everyone is getting worried about Sakura and Julian, but just as Li and Tori go off to search, they find her helping a limp Julian walk back as a triumphant song swells in the background. Tori is very concerned and helps Julian go the way back home, but not before giving them both their prizes, a red pen. The episode concludes with Sakura standing with her prize gazing at the full moon, as the last notes of the enchantingly beautiful melody, as mysterious and wonderful as the night sky itself, ring out.