Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Switch

And they're off! Kero and Li are both determined to get that chameleon creature first. They both manage to grab onto it as Sakura seals The Change card away, but a glitch occurred on the way. All of a sudden, Li has a hip Mushu-esque voice while Kero laments being a stuffed animal in a familiar deadpan tone. Sakura, naive as ever, thinks they're just doing a good impression of each other at first. After she finally comes to a realization, Kero as Li informs the three that they're going to be stuck in each other's body unless Sakura reverses the spell at the same time and same place the next day. Li as Kero is very upset about this, not helped by Kero's condescending tone and his desire to take his chance to "live it out big time!" And of course there's Meilin.

He arrives late at the residence. Meilin notices something off about Li's voice, but quickly ignores the change. The real Li believes letting Kero meet up with her was a bad idea, but Sakura reminds him that people would get suspicious if he didn't show up where he's expected. Besides, all he has to do is make some soup, right? Uh-oh.

Sakura doesn't want Li sleeping in her room, so she tells him it shouldn't be too hard to fly over to the tree. Of course, Li's muscle memory proves her wrong, but luckily, Julian managed to save him from the cat in time. His muffled speech catches Julian's attention, and Sakura is forced to slink away. She tells him that it seems it's not so easy being a stuffed animal, so he should stay put since he blew it on the flying. Wow, what a jerk.

Meanwhile, Meilin tries out Kero's chicken noodle soup and realizes it tastes awful. She begins to make a connection to Li's voice with that "stuffed animal", which Kero chalks up to simply what happens when you hang around someone a lot. Meilin left confused, Kero seizes the opportunity to extol his supposed awesomeness under his guise while trying to pretend his soup isn't utter crap.

Li hasn't given up on flying regardless of his previous failure, but it goes as well as one would expect. Hanging on to the windowsill for dear life as Sakura is having dinner with Tori and Julian, she is stuck in an awkward predicament. He gets a crossed bandage on his head which inexplicably disappears in the next frame, lamenting his "bad dream" the next day (and after all that, he got to sleep in Sakura's room after all). Sakura tells her that Li's already blown it twice, so he shouldn't come to school, but Li is determined to go in vain hopes that Kero won't screw things up. He promises to not move an inch.

Sakura meets up with her homeroom teacher, Mr. Terada, who has brought with him a bag with a stuffed animal for his niece. When she finally arrives at class, Kero is showing Li's moves straight from Xylon Warriors. As he tries to pull off the "Xylon Warrior Thumb Flip", he screws up and humiliates Li in front of the entire class. Later, Kero is still as arrogant as usual, though, telling Li he should thank him for giving him a personality. Sakura tells Li to pipe down as Madison suddenly shows up out of nowhere, picking up on Ms. Mckenzie's "Snooping as usual". She suspects something's up, but Kero and Li try to deny it. Sakura naturally blows their cover by agreeing to Madison's hypothesis that Li never played a video game in his life, but it doesn't matter. Madison knew it all along.

Kero continues to humiliate Li at soccer by tripping on a pass and attempting to score a goal on all fours, with the ball knocking him out. Li doesn't have much time to wallow in his episode-ruined reputation, as one of the school staff is sending him to the "Lost and Never Found". On the way, while attempting to escape, he loses his coordination yet again and ends up in Mr. Terada's gift bag. The gang, with an infuriated Meilin finally realizing what's going on, passes by and finds what they think is him in the other, similar-looking bag. They are all worried that he's just lying there, not saying a thing, but Kero reminds Sakura that the Change card isn't that powerful. Nevertheless, Meilin picks up the stuffed animal desperately trying to get her beloved to say something, but Kero tells her it's no use. Instead, he rages at it and violently shakes his image. After all this wackiness, Madison finally realizes it has no wings.

Sakura realizes that since that wasn't Kero's body, Li must be with Mr. Terada! Ms. Mckenzie comes right on cue to inform her that he went over to the toy store. As they finally meet up with him, Meilin violently grabs the bag away in search of her beloved. Sakura more politely tells him she's looking for a toy like the one they found, and he informs her that he took it back to the store. They finally find him in the Claw Machine as Kero puts his skills to the test. The Claw chooses Li at first, but he's jammed in so tight and he resists so much that it ends up empty-handed. Kero hasn't given up, and strikes an overdramatic stereotypical Shonen pose as he tries again.

At the park, they argue yet again about the Claw ordeal and Kero's failed attempts. Sakura puts a stop to this by informing them that it's time. Reluctantly, they embrace each other in a warm hug as she releases the card.

Everything seems to be back to normal the next day, but Sakura isn't done being amused by Li's embarrassment so she releases his "other half" on him. Wow, this episode sure did let out her inner bitch.