Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Dragon Slayer

From an eerie mountain landscape surrounded by clouds, a big black dragon rises from the mountain peak to fly. Of course, it's just a storybook Nikki was reading: Dragon Mountain. Sakura and friends discuss dragons amongst themselves when Meilin naturally butts in and goes on about Li's infinite knowledge. She then hastily goes off to talk about something very important: lunch. Li, intimidated by her forcefulness, informs her that he sensed a Clow Card.

Sakura and company show up at Nikki's favourite bookstore when she too senses something in the district. She considers coming back at a time when less people are around. Meanwhile, Nikki notices a peculiar book with half the pages blank. Quill in hand, she's excited to take it home and finish the story.

From Madison's "New Millenium" collection is Sakura's battle costume. A sharp, whiny voice pierces Madison's admiration of her artwork. Meilin brags about how Li knew about the card way before Kero's side did, prompting him to get Sakura to back him up. Unfortunately, Meilin was right on this one, so she just stands there nervously. The silly argument is cut short as Sakura and Li notice something from the alleyway; a giant enemy cat. Sakura and Madison get away courtesy of Fly card, but Meilin trips and gets pinned by its paw. Li comes to the rescue, and as they stare each other down, the cat uses Lick. "Huh. Well Li seems to have made a friend." Kero informs Sakura this is the work of The Big card, and since kitty love is keeping Li down, they head off towards the rooftop garden to ward off the Little card's counterpart. Everything enlarged returns to normal, and Madison remembers to return the struggling fish to its pool. Meilin is not so grateful, yelling at the cat for ruining Li's chances at the Clow Card. This is how she deals with something that was going to crush her earlier?

However, the episode's not even halfway through. Another mysterious presence emanates from Nikki's book. As Sakura witnesses yet another argument between Meilin and Kero, she notices a ghostly Daisy-like figure floating by. A black panther then emerges from the bushes, but as Li is ready to confront it, the team sees its stupid-looking spiral eyes. It inexplicably sprouts wings and flies around like a parade float, followed by other animals. "A Clow Card with a sense of humour?" Aha! It's The Create card. Apparently this is part of some story involving all the animals sprouting wings to defend their home from some evil creature threatening their natural habitat. Yeah.... A violent wind blows over the party as a mighty red dragon emerges. Heading towards downtown, Li tries to ward it off with his Lightning spell, but to no avail. Sakura decides to confront the dragon by using Big to make her grow (cue dramatic music) Showtime! By the way, Meilin looks a little too impressed at her growth spurt.

Giant Sakura runs after the dragon and grabs its tail to prevent it from going any further. Meilin is still enraptured at this fantasy unfolding. "This is exactly like a video game! Only it's real life! I love it! This is so cool!" Funny you should mention that. Nikki, her mind fully occupied by her imagination, is oblivious to the chaos going outside. Unfortunately for Sakura, the dragon decides to fight back, and she's sent fleeing. Meilin asks if she has any laser beams or something. She does have a point. I mean, it's a freaking dragon. Using The Sword card shouldn't require much of a stretch of imagination. But alas, the confrontation ends rather anticlimactically as the closing book vanquishes the horrible dragon.

The next day, Nikki notices that the book has vanished. What are the chances this is never going to be brought up again?