Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


No Problem Too Small

I really love this little recurring BGM tune that plays in the intro. Can't say the same for Madison's tacky Girlish Pigtails hairstyle this episode, though.

Madison has come over to Sakura's house bringing homemade strawberry shortcake. Unfortunately, before Kero can dig in, there's some "official Cardcaptor business" to attend to: taking Sakura's measurements to another catchy ditty. Yeah, no weird implications here. Even more not so that her clothes are shown on the bed as the camera zooms upwards on her Alice In Wonderland costume. Kero, growing impatient with this dressup game, just wants to eat, but he is interrupted again as Sakura's Clow sense is tingling. She tells Kero to stay behind with Madison, who tells her in all seriousness to be careful. Oh, what's the worst that can happen? The Clow Cards are often cute pixies anyway.

Slowly, she feels around, leading her to investigate her dad's room. She thinks she notices something, but the window merely shows the happy, sunny environment outside. She notices this tiny glowing white dot, which she underestimates. That's a bad mistake.

When she wakes up from being touched by the dot, she notices that everything has grown bigger, even her magic key. Upon realizing what just happened, a breeze violently blows her outside. Kero and Madison, hearing her screams, notices her key just lying there in her dad's room, not knowing what just happened.

Outside, Sakura is about to become a cat's lunch, but luckily, she manages to get away by a leap of faith onto a flower. Unfortunately, a praying mantis is waiting to capture her as well, and she only gets away thanks to the cat stomping on it. Inside, Madison and Kero prepare to face their own threat: Tori and Julian. Madison hastily justifies Sakura's absence by claiming she just went grocery shopping for bit and will be back very soon.

Sakura meets up with the devilishly mischievous pixie at the bathtub, who giggles as she furiously relays how she was nearly eaten and cheerfully jumps away. Madison continues to distract the two, though Tori is suspicious. Suddenly, she melodramatically drifts around acting dizzy, then falling behind the couch. Then she's perfecly fine. ...What?

The Mini adventure continues as Sakura bounces on a sponge to get down from the tub. A mad chase against the squealing pixie ensues, leading Sakura to the kitchen and a giant Tori wearing...plushie slippers? Sakura remarks he looks like a monster from down there. No kidding, it's like he killed a stuffed animal and used its body for shoes. As expected, he makes loud, slow giant steps, almost towards the Clow spirit, but Sakura stops him in time by yelling out to him. He thinks he heard her, but brushes it off. The pixie gets away up the stairs, but just when it seems hopeless, a larger-than-life Kero shows up as her steed. He explains that The Little card doesn't just shrink objects, but magical powers as well, which is why the staff turned back into the key. But all Sakura has to do is touch the card again to turn back to normal. Still, she'll need the key to be rid of the pest for good, yet Madison has it. This can't be good.

Madison notices the diminutive sprite in the hallway. Intrigued, she raises her finger. Don't touch it! Fortunately, Sakura saves the day and grabs onto Little before Madison's Idiot Ball could put her in any danger, proceeding to seal it away. Well, that was certainly one of the more dangerous cards, even if it doesn't look the part. Elated at her capture, she forgot her restored size was too large for Kero's back. Just another day as the guardian beast.

Everyone gobbles away at the strawberry shortcake in the living room, leaving Kero with this teensy tiny bit with only one lousy strawberry. Fortunately, that's no problem too small for the Little card, with which Kero now can munch away at a syrup-coated strawberry mountain. "Well, I guess that's one way of using the card."