Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Practice Makes Perfect

It's just another school day. Sakura and Madison are discussing usual school stuff, like tests, hunting Clow Cards...Wait, Clow Cards? Where? No, Li, it was just a trick by Kero. Sakura is unnerved by this sudden outburst. After all, it did seem like they were beginning to get along based on the last few episodes. Of course, this gossip lures Meilin in, prompting Sakura to change the subject to the singing competition Madison is practising for. Meilin brags about her singing ability, but when Madison asks if she wants to come to practice with her friends, she claims she's too busy helping Li. While everyone is still on the topic, Nikki tells another ghost story of a singing voice heard in the music room at night. Great, now Sakura is unable to concentrate on the music lesson. Just as the teacher asks who wrote the piece she was playing, she senses something strange.

After hearing the story, Kero reveals that the voice in the music room must be the work of, eh, it's probably just a ghost. What a reassuring thought for Sakura, but he's just playing with her. Obviously it's a Clow Card, yet she still is scared of the possibility of a ghost. Kero is disappointed that she decided to chicken out even after the other 23 cards, but, er, his meal's getting cold!

Tori and Julian also heard the ghost story, it turns out. A "reliable source" informed Tori that the janitor permanently quit his job in fear of the voice in the music room. And yet, Julian is intrigued as he heard the voice was quite beautiful. That's motivation enough for Sakura to get a recorder and go ghost-hunting.

If there's something strange In the neighbourhood, Who ya gonna call? Cardcaptors! The unlikely team of petite paranormal investigators arrive at Reedington Elementary School, but not without frightening each other first. They're off to a good start, arguing amongst themselves. Kero taunts Li, which gets him annoyed at being called "kid", and then directs his attention to Meilin. Li is still unconvinced that she should be hanging around, but she asks about Madison, who's in charge of video taping. "I could have brought a camera too! It's so unfair!" Oh, Meilin. Her whining is suddenly cut off by the sound of a lovely disembodied singing voice. After it!

Madison seems to recognize the song, but can't quite fully recall it yet. Sakura, still skittish, suggests it's just one of the music students practising, but they never practice this late at night. Against her will, the team continues onward towards the music room. Sakura realizes that she recognizes the song as well, but Meilin scares off the spirit in a blur filter by opening the door. Good job. You've...helped Sakura identify it as the song Madison was practising for the competition. The song begins again, and Li beats Kero to identifying it. Though rudely interrupted, Kero explains, "The Song card is able to sing." Besides the Captain Obvious statement, it imitates the best singer in the area. Meilin believes it to be her, but her whiny voice scares it off.

They follow the spirit to the rooftop, where Kero instructs Madison to sing to it perfectly for it to reveal its form. She's not sure she can do it, since she hasn't been able to hit the high notes, so Meilin's going to take over instead! Yeah, right. Kero relegates that idea to a backup plan instead. With a bit of coaxing, Madison begins the performance.

She starts off flat, sounding strained. And yet, it's enough to pique the spirit's interest. As she continues, the voice slowly becomes purer, as if she merely needed some time to filter out nervous emotions. As she repeats the lyrics, the undulating ball of sound waves begins to resonate along with her, and the two sing together in perfect counterpoint:

A twinkle in the night sky far, far away, A golden star I gazed upon in my dream. On a sleepless evening I sing alone, Tomorrow I'll sing with you on the wings of a dream.

On a sleepless evening I sing alone, Tomorrow I'll sing with you...on the wings of a dream.

The majesty of mortal and supernatural's duet reveals a form just as enrapturing as the melody, to be returned to card form, to happiness in oils. But alas, Sakura forgot to record the performance. No problem. Li informs her she could just summon it, pleased at deflating Kero's pride by beating him to the advice. So the episode concludes with an encore. Pity it's tainted by some unfitting dramatic music at the end.

UPDATE: Here's the scene.