Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


No Time For Sleep

Dad's late! He rushes to the kitchen and prepares to apologize for the delayed breakfast, but to his surprise, Sakura and Tori have prepared breakfast for him instead. They wanted to help out around the house to relieve him of extra work besides his lectures and related commitments. Nice kids. Dad promises it'll only be for another week, and heads off.

Sakura tells Madison about how he has this research paper he has to finish and present at a seminar. Madison asks if he has ever done a lecture before. You don't remember that Time episode lecture where he talks about time? She also is amazed Sakura is actually getting along with Tori, but of course he's okay, sometimes. Sakura runs into Julian ordering a book for Aiden Avalon, since Tori had to run late. He compliments Sakura on helping her dad out, and gives her the book.

Dad has to stay up late yet again to finish his paper. Tori notices Sakura looking through the door crack and gestures her away. He prepared a snack, but he tells her not to hang around too long as he's busy. Dad tells her he'll have to stay at the university for another couple of nights, saying that the kids will have to bear with a grumpy old man, but Sakura refuses the remark, as he's not grumpy at all! He tells her about his anthropology field, about the mysteries of the past, the ancient civilizations that may have recorded their culture in a way we haven't discovered yet. Now, it's Sakura's bedtime.

Kero isn't initially interested in going to the university to learn, but he's bribed with food. Sakura and Madison encounter three teenagers there, who show them to the lecture. They tell of how popular and exciting Aiden's lectures are. Um...who are you people? Most students doze off during lectures, at least from what I've seen. But of course, they're his assistants! It's off to Aiden's room next, where Sakura comes bearing snacks. He is grateful for his assistants helping him out with the research and Sakura and Tori for helping him out with the chores. Just as Sakura tells him it's nothing, magic pixie dust puts him in a small snooze. The girls, not noticing the dust, pass it off as Dad not getting enough sleep and decide to get coffee for everyone. However, the fairy puts the assistants to sleep as well. Not too hard to guess which card it is. Sakura is worried that it might prevent Dad from finishing the paper, so it's show time! Madison is disappointed she didn't get to bring the costume she spent this episode planning and designing, but she'll get some time to dream about what could have been. Why are her and the assistants in a deep sleep while Dad only got a light snooze, though? Meh. It escapes, causing more mischief in another room, and Sakura eventually chases it back to Dad's office, where it gets Kero. In desperation, she uses Windy to snag the fairy. Um...isn't that going to mess up your dad's papers? Regardless, she manages to nab the card, but she trips off a stack of books, and...oh dear....

Staring at the broken computer screen amongst the fallen books and papers, Sakura wonders...

"Kero, Which card will return things to the way they were?"

"I wish there was a card that could instantly fix everything, Sakura, but there some things even magic can't do."

When her dad reenters the room, she confesses that she just wanted to get him coffee because she knew how tired he was, but now she's ruined everything. Poor girl. She tried so hard to help him. Dad simply tells her that it's his fault that he didn't have enough time to spend with his favourite girl, and tries to cheer her up by bringing her home to a nice dinner. You're not mad?

Sakura is still depressed as even her dad's forgiveness won't automatically make up for the work lost. Tori, noticing his sister's guilt hasn't gone away, makes her pancakes. "You'll never cheer up if you don't eat." Suddenly, they hear the sound of books falling. Sakura goes to pick things up, and she desperately wants to help somehow to make up for what she's done. Luckily, he's finished the research, so all he has to do is rewrite it. He just needs a capable assistant. Sakura enthusiastically accepts the job proposal, and together, they'll finish the job. Aww.... It's nice that parents will forgive even for the times we screw up. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone!


The original included a timeskip that implied Sakura tried every card possible to fix the darned thing; did the dub retain that?

I always liked this episode, especially when I realized that the one card that could possibly work -Time- is the one Sakura lost out on.
blazinghydra 23rd May 11
Nope. Just Kero's words. But it's still one of the most depressing moments in the show, especially since it was so unexpected.
Cliche 26th May 11