Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Nothing to Report

Okay, I guess this dub does have its share of bad puns, especially since there is someone special showing up this episode.

Like most cartoon protagonists, it's the last day of summer and Sakura has barely got any of her homework done! She is a whole month behind on her summer journal and has a load of other stuff to get caught up on. At least she can cheese it, getting each day's weather from her dad's digital camera, get Kero to do her math in return for pastries, and get Tori to do her shop project for five dinner duties. Surprisingly, ace student Madison isn't finished her homework either, so the two agree to do their book reports together at the library. They are about to take a break at Penguin Park when Sakura's conscience stand-in Kero reminds her she was supposed to go to the library. It's packed with students who decided to save their homework for the last day, including Li. He decides to get away because he doesn't want girls hanging around her. What's up with him?

Kero brags that he got half of Sakura's math problems done, telling her she doesn't even need to check, but she goes ahead and finds non sequitur answers. "Bye-bye pastries!" Later, she tries to find Earl the Hungry Pig for her book report. Madison suggests her summer novel, but it's gargantuan. They search the bookshelves only to find that it's not on the shelf. The librarian tells the girls that there is one copy left which should be around somewhere.

Kero laments the loss of his beloved pastries when he decides to go pester Li in the library. He notices how grumpy he is today and eventually lays off him since he's studying. When he leaves, Li notices his book has vanished. Meanwhile, Sakura and Madison continue to search. At one point Sakura spies on a book someone else is reading, even checking inside the words. Snooping as usual, I see. Eventually, Kero tells her that Li had it, but of course, Li now has to search for it too. Every time the trio thinks they found the book, it disappears before they can get it. Sakura notices ghostly wings levitating the book away. The chase is on. It shows up all over the library in random places and every time, it teleports somewhere else. It eventually decides to take the book outside on a bike, and Kero explains that it's The Move card. Its power sounds awesome, but it's so limited that it simply moves relatively small objects for lulz. Madison screams in realization that...she forgot her video camera. How dreadful. As much as Sakura tries, she can't catch it, so Kero tells her to use the Clow senses. A cycling of images later, the triumphant Clow sealing music starts up and she nabs it just as it reappears. Unfortunately, she loses her balance and drags Li into the water with her in an embarrassing position.

Li offers the girls a stay at his place and the book Sakura needs after he's finished. Who are you and what have you done with Li? Guess that cave ordeal made him softer towards Sakura. Wei tells her that he's looking after Li since the rest of the family is overseas and his father passed away. Li suddenly stares in shock at the T-shirt Sakura borrowed, and then, a Chinese girl shows up at the door. Oh, so that's why he was so uptight about girls this ep. I'll tell you about Meilin next episode.