Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


A Fair to Remember

A green orb glides across the water. Plenty of them gather around Sakura, and she is about to identify them when Kero's face wakes her up. In her fright, she forgot the significance of the words "Gotta be..." in her dream. Kero chastistes her, telling her dreams are important to people with powers. He also reminds her of her summer homework, which of course, she hasn't even started. She is suddenly reminded that it's her turn to make dinner and bolts off with this excuse. Upon heading to the store to get food, she stops by Julian's house and to her delight, he invites her in for tea. He tells her his grandparents went to Florida (?), so she contemplates bringing him over for dinner. Opportunity strikes when Julian asks if she would like him to walk her home. On the way back, Sakura tells him that he secretly ate her brother's food. Immediately afterwards, guess who she runs into.

Sakura and Tori are cooking dinner with Julian hanging around. Sakura asks him to stay for dinner, which prompts him to help. He tells her of the fair in town which Sakura is already going to with Madison. Tori, concerned about the young girls going alone at night, tells her he's coming along too, but of course, he couldn't let her know it's because he cares. In the end, the four of them decide to go together.

Sakura picks out a kimono for the fair, with Kero demanding she bring him a present. At the fair, she tries picking out a water balloon, but the rod snaps, so the ever-kind Julian gets it for her. They plan on heading off to the ring toss next, and Sakura suggests Madison should play too, but she is content with videotaping. On the way, they met Chelsea and Zachary and playing a (uncensored) rifle game, who else but Li? He's won a lot of prizes, but it is embarrassed at Julian's presence. Madison suggests Sakura out to get more prizes for Kero, maybe asking Li for some. Before she could say it, Tori rushes to defend her from whatever Li would do. Finally, Madison decides on a white rabbit which Tori and Li put on the line in an epic battle of Ring Tossing proportions. Unfortunately, they are terrible, but persistent. Madison lets Sakura and Julian go off on their own while she watches the show.

The pair spot green glowing dots. Julian is surprised, as he's never seen fireflies here before, so they investigate. It turns out there's a whole bunch of them in front of a tree. The mesmerizing lights remind Sakura of her dream, and the two stand there admiring the scenery. Sakura suddenly has a confession to make, but of course, before she could get it out, Tori and Li come bringing bunnies because the stall operator wanted to get rid of them. What a relief. She doesn't have to tell Julian she's a Cardcaptor. Everyone else goes off, leaving Sakura and Madison alone as Sakura seals the harmless green lights. All The Glow wanted to do was spread some beauty, dagnabbit. Eh, it seems some of the spirits like being a card.

Wow, these episodes go by so much more peacefully without Kero around. Speaking of which, Kero's Corner puts on display Sakura's kimono which she wore to the, um, Chinese festival. Yeah. What the heck?