Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Summer House

The Avalon family (and Julian) are going off on vacation. Aiden remarks that Julian should come over for dinner one day, since he hasn't met his parents yet. Julian answers that he only lives with his grandparents, but he'd love to come over. Finally, the four arrive at the summer house, which is close to Sakura's grandfather's place. It's a quiet, cozy place and Sakura brings out a summer picture of her mother to place inside, expressing her joy towards that memory. As she cheerfully leaps onto the bed, she forgot that Kero was along for the ride as usual and nearly squashes him in the luggage. Also as usual, all he can think about is food, and Sakura remarks that one day she'll make him exercise.

The boys all decide to go to town to get groceries as Sakura goes to meet her grandfather. She is amazed at the size of the place, as her family used to be there, but she didn't come because she was too little. She spots her grandfather on the patio and he invites her over for a snack. Ho ho! That night, the family has a barbecue, where Sakura tells them all about her visit. Her grandfather couldn't come over because he had to go into town, probably to replenish his supplies as Tori remarks. He tells her to visit again tomorrow. She also tells Madison about her vacation over the phone, who couldn't come over, but at least she gets to go to the film museum the next day. Upon hearing about the immense size of Sakura's grandfather's place, Madison is amazed he lives all alone and that the two should get houses by the countryside when they get older, with Sakura adding they should be neighbours.

The next day, Sakura's father gives her a bag of cookies to give to her grandfather. When she arrives, she is unsure of how to get up to the balcony, but he instructs her to go through the spacious mansion. She arrives in her mother's bedroom and learns she too loved stuffed animals and Grandpa reminisces that she used to take them for walks in the garden. Upon Sakura asking what else she liked to do, a montage of the two playing tennis is displayed. Grandpa claims that Sakura's mother was a good tennis player, but Sakura seems even better due to her "killer instinct". He prepares to grab a snack when Sakura remembers Dad's cookies. Grandpa thus asks about Sakura's dad, and she excitedly tells her about him, bringing up that he even tried to learn how to sew.

Back inside, Sakura tries on her mother's favourite dress and Grandpa remarks she looks just like her. Um...I don't see it. He tells her to keep it, and she refuses such a precious gift at first, but he tells her that her mother would have really wanted her to have it. Sakura later encounters a peaceful picture of a rainbow that her mother painted as Grandpa loved rainbows. The two simply stare at the view outside the window.

At home, Sakura tells Kero that her grandfather seems kind of lonely. Well, the other guys didn't even bother to pay a visit, so yeah. Kero inquires as to what Sakura plans to do for him, but he seems to have everything according to Kero. Finally, Sakura remembers he loves rainbows, and hatches up a plan....

Sakura tells Grandpa that she has to be leaving, but she asks him for a favour: to go up to her mother's balcony. As she leaves, she asks him to visit soon and that she'll take great care of her mother's dress. Time to put this gambit into action. She summons Rain, and her grandfather stares out at the sudden unexpected downpour that ends as soon as it begins (more likely than you'd think depending on where you live). The ensuing rainbow brings back memories of Natasha in that dress and he drops his head downward reminiscing. Sakura remarks he must have been pretty happy as she leaves.

Tori is annoyed that she's late, but Sakura apologizes to Dad and tells him that she realized she had a lot in common with Mom. Dad tells Tori not to be too hard on her for not being on time, as she had a lot of catching up to do with her grandfather. The last photo is that shot of Natasha in a sundress they brought along.

Hey wait, that entire episode went without a single card capture! Well, I guess it's better than shoehorning in one, and there's always next episode.

EDIT: One thing I said was unnecessary.