Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Kero and Sakura's Big Fight

Why is Madison's hair brown? Guess it's one of those episodes.

Sakura is in the midst of fighting a giant tornado and gets blown back. Li daringly pushes ahead despite her warnings, and gets sucked right in! Oh no! Li gets a hold of himself and seizes the opportunity to weaken it with Element: Lightning! Sakura, surprised by this feat, proceeds to seal The Storm card, but as she reaches to pick it up, it flies away towards Li. Kero comments that the card always goes to the person who returned it to its original form. Wait, now he remembers? Li taunts Sakura as usual, with his deep voice again. Egad, his replacement voice actor sounds like an automation (I'd compare it to a certain anime dub voice actor change in the early days, but that's only asking for trouble and that's the kind of trouble I stay out of). Madison attempts to comfort Sakura, but she is still clearly unnerved over her defeat as she trips right into a puddle.

Her costume dripping wet and her self-esteem taking another hit, she laments to Kero at home, but he doesn't seem to be listening to her self-pity. She eventually yells at him to pay attention, causing him to go wide-eyed and shudder in surprise. He furiously informs Sakura that he was thinking of a plan to beat that Li kid, but he forgot thanks to a certain someone nearly breaking her ears! Sakura stubbornly denies it and bad-tempered, goes to bed after the ensuing argument.

The morning sun has vanquished the horrible attitude as Sakura desires to set her anger aside. Unfortunately, she can't find Kero. He calls down to her, sniggering, as he took over her cabinet drawer. Sakura is infuriated as Kero dumped out all her special stuff for his personal decorations. Well, so much for making peace. She tells Madison about it at school, saying that Kero called her a monster which she hates and he knows it. On Kero's side at home, he writes "Sakura is a BRAT" in Japanese. Yep, subtitles translate it. Strange, isn't it? Kero finds a present which he knows he shouldn't open, but he goes ahead and devours the chocolatey goodness inside when he realizes he's mad at her anyway. At school, Madison, ever the counsellor, tells Sakura that Kero didn't mean to hurt her feelings and that they both said stuff they didn't mean. She is confident they will eventually make it up, because they always do in these shows.

Sakura comes home to an empty box of chocolates, which were supposed to be for her dad. She also sees the nasty message Kero wrote, and wonders where he went. Kero, drunk, is out on the streets emoting to an alligator mascot statue and deciding to spend the night on a junkyard couch by the gator's direction. The next morning was one fateful day for Kero as he gets picked up as a pet by a girl named Anita, who calls him Nono. Sakura naturally realizes how much she misses him and waits at her open window for his return. Tori passes by her talking to herself on the stairs, attempting to get her to repeat herself while she exclaims "It's nothing", then seemingly passing by without a care, but stopping to pat her on the head. What a nice gesture.

The seemingly Elmyra-like Anita thus proceeds to torment Kero by washing him and getting him a pretty ribbon. Kero is flustered, but he then sees a picture of Anita with her odd-looking dad. She reveals that he died a year ago, but she can now have a lot of fun with Nono. Oh...I'm sorry. Later the two watch television, where Anita tears up at a reunion of a girl with her long-lost father. Unable to stand the sadness, Nono switches off the TV and proceeds to cheer her up by doing a dance, all the while chanting No No No No No No. Kero has now become a Pokemon.

Madison is informed of Kero's absence, deducing that Kero ran away. She tells Sakura that he's just as sorry as she is and that the two should go look for him. They are intimidated by the immense size of downtown Reedington, being uptown girls, and Sakura is spotted by Julian as she looks inside a trash can. He is concerned and tells Tori about it, who takes over Sakura's cooking night to ease her stress. She finds Kero's fax from Anita's place, and hides it away from Tori snooping as usual. Excited, she tells Madison that it says he's fine and he'll be in touch again soon. Tech-savvy Madison locates the house and the two head right to it.

Kero, worried about Sakura, accidentally lets slip that he can fly. Anita is impressed and is excited to show Nono to all her friends. That can't be good. She wishes she could fly as well, and she gets her wish courtesy of The Float card. Unfortunately, she gets pushed around by the wind and Kero tries to rescue her, but eventually runs out of oxygen and falls into Sakura's hands. She's just in the nick of time as she seals up Float, which doesn't even resist. Okay, this is the shortest capture. Unfortunately, Sakura misses Anita's falling body and Kero desperately tries to hold on to her for dear life with his tiny body. Sakura saves the both of them by releasing Wood to catch them with the tree's vines. That's a stretch. Good thing Anita is animated.

Anita is moving out, offering Nono back to Sakura as she anticipates having many new friends in kindergarten. Kero is pleased that her mother will be hanging out with her more in her new job. After she leaves, Kero still feigns being irritated with Sakura, but she makes it up to him with his very own bed. Kero is overjoyed until he bounces on it too hard and it breaks. Cue yet another argument about whether Sakura's just a lousy bed-maker or Kero just got fatter. All Is Well That Ends Well, right?