Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Power's Ploy

Gigantic footsteps crush down on the ground coming from a first-person perspective. The target, a giant penguin slide, is spotted. This invisible force which creates craters with every step is intrigued by this object, and a sound of upheaval from the ground can be heard from far away.

Dad is cooking with power today as Sakura is headed off to the zoo. Tori is about to set the table when he hears the news report of the zoo's massive penguin slide being upended. Of course, he still has his daily "taunt Sakura" routine to attend to as she comes down, and through this, he introduces her to the sight of the upside-down penguin structure. As she heads to school, she contemplates matters, as it is way too heavy to be toppled like that. She gazes at some gorgeous scenery with light shining down from the trees when none other than Julian shows up to check out the sight everyone is talking about on the way to school. He leaves her off at school, telling her to "beware of those penguin-tippers".

The teacher tells his students not to worry about the incident and worry about their report instead. He expects something unexpected from the students in terms of their photos. Team Sakura nonetheless turns attention to the penguin toppling and thinks about hunting the ghost behind it, but Sakura gets creeped out and runs toward the elephant while the rest of the girls giggle nervously at her fright towards nonexistent entities.

Meanwhile, Zachary has chosen a sloth as the subject for Team Li. Zachary treats it as a creature of awe, but Li is unimpressed by its, er, sloth. Zachary goes on with his What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome? speech, claiming it watches and knows everything. Li is finally convinced and gets down to it. Team Sakura is marvelling at the strength of the elephants and Sakura mentions they have to see the elephant's natural strength in an unnatural environment. Chelsea tells her they do tug-of-war demonstrations. Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of an explosion resembling a giant foot dropping. It's still out there.

Kero was supposed to stay home, but he showed up anyways for the food. Not wanting to look strange in front of the others, Sakura and Madison retreat behind the bushes. He still came at the right time, since there's trouble lurking around. Li senses it too, and it came just as he managed to see the sloth move. They pursue the Clow Card, which has broken down a penguin cage in the meantime. The craters take Sakura and Madison to the elephants, and one of them is thrown hard right into the sky. Just in the nick of time, Sakura manages to save the elephant with Windy, and seeing this, Kero identifies it as The Power card. Sakura is fed up with Power bullying defenseless elephants and dares it to show herself. Madison is worried, but Kero mentions that Power's biggest weakness is pride. The spirit pursues the trio as Kero tells Sakura to name a contest. Tug-of-War! Power reveals itself as a cute little pixie and accepts the challenge. Power seems to have the upper hand, but the elephant Sakura saved decides to help out. Li, watching from a tree, knows this is still not enough, so he decides to cheat with Time. Sakura believes the elephant to have done the deed with her, and she seals the pride-shattered Power.

Madison congratulates her on her increasing strength, but Li remarks that she's going to need a lot more strength than what she has now. Sakura tells Madison she has some unfinished business to take care of: Food! No, Kero, that's not it. Madison gets a bright idea to take a photo of this, and the next day, carries it to school. Sakura is frightened that her cover might be blown and tells her not to show anyone, which of course means that Julian just happens to get a hold of it. Madison quickly claims she did it on her computer, because they can fake anything these days. It turns out to be the picture of Sakura lifting up the penguin slide, and her dazed expression shows at the episode's end.