Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Time and Again

Aiden Avalon is giving an archaeology lecture on ancient pyramids, with Sakura and Madison attending. I haven't heard this many uses of the word "time" since Aeon from Castlevania: Judgment. Incidentally, he runs out of time mid-lecture. Li (with prepubescent voice back) and Zachary are also present, with Li very enthusiastic about the topic of Egyptology. Zachary puts a damper on his excitement though when he mentions that the professor is Sakura's dad.

That night, Kero is playing SNES again, this time featuring Dragon Quest. He is excited to finally reach the final level (odd thing to refer to a final dungeon) as Sakura nervously brings Julian snacks. The two of them go to sleep as Sakura anticipates that music test she fears she didn't practice enough for. She makes an offhand comment about Kero's game obsession. Which makes me wonder, who is the gamer in the family anyways? One would think Tori, but considering the console is in Sakura's room, hmm.... The two are awakened by the sound of the clock tower striking midnight. Given that they can hear it from a fair distance away, this can't be good.

Sakura stresses about the music test as Kero tells her to relax. Of course, then he realizes he forgot to save last night. Naturally, Sakura screws up and earns the humiliation of the entire class. She expresses her regrets to Madison at break time in front of boys playing soccer. Madison directs her to Li playing the recorder, but Sakura is merely reminded of Li's disdain towards her. Suddenly, the soccer ball comes flying towards him, and he pulls off a shot right into the goal! All the players congratulate him on this impressive feat.

Back at home, Sakura's dad asks her how the test went. Obviously not wanting to tell, she tries to shift the topic to Tori, who calmly replys "as usual" and causes her to break down upset. She decides to get more practice to make it up, finally hitting every note properly, and Kero remembers to save this time. However, mystical forces have other plans tonight....

The next day, Kero is in despair as his game progress didn't save. A glitch, perhaps? Sakura rushes to get ready for school again and when she gets there, she is surprised to hear Madison mention today's music test. In class, she tells her about the music test yesterday, but Madison thinks it's just a bad dream. According to Li's stare, this was no dream. At least Sakura gets everything right this time, so it's not all bad. At break, she tells Madison about her sense of deja vu, but Madison doesn't know what she is talking about. Li, however, does, and tells her about the Clow Card in the clock tower that must be responsible. The soccer ball flies towards him again, and he hits it in the net right on target. Sakura sarcastically remarks that he's getting good at that.

Today's battle costume is rather risque, for undetected night flight, of course. Kero thinks Sakura detected the card and congratulates her for it. Indeed, her Clow senses are tingling as she approaches the clock tower. The card defends itself by causing Sakura's speech to slow as she flies towards the tower, followed by a time reversal. On her second attempt, the spirit tries something else: speeding up time to midnight, the only time it can restart the day.

So, card capture, Take 3. Madison is impressed that Sakura could guess her outfit's purpose, but of course she doesn't know what is going on. Sakura and Kero unfortunately do, and they lament taking the same music test and getting to the final level of Dragon Quest Xylon Warriors yet again respectively. Li shows up with a nose bandage, as this time he got hit by the ball. Can't strike lucky three times, can you? Embarassed, Li suggests solving the problem with violence by destroying the tower. Sakura points out how inconsiderate that is, prompting a little dispute. He does have other plans, but he only needs to bring up time reversing towards the front of the tower for Sakura to get ideas. Sakura and Madison climb up the tower from the inside as Li uses a grappling hook to get up there. An attempted ambush leads to the old man that is The Time card to freeze her in place, but along comes Li to save the day, with a tower window suffering for it. He suggests using The Shield card (wait, how does he know what cards she has? Eh, probably his Clow senses), as it protects her from Time's influence. As it flies flees, Li strikes it down with lightning, weakening it enough for capture. It goes to Li, for reasons Kero can't explain, but are obvious enough. His sneering face transitions into the next day.

Turns out Sakura won't need her recorder this time, as well, time has passed. Must be good to be a normal and not notice a thing, although this time the Weirdness Censor is justified. Unfortunately, there's a spelling test! Go figure.