Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Special Box

What's this? Japanese text? Surprised that got left in considering the attempt to Westernize the setting. Anyways, Sakura is off to Madison's residence to help her out with a certain problem, because, after all, that's what friends do. Kero is coming along too, which causes the rest of the passengers to give Sakura odd looks at her seemingly talking to herself.

Even after getting off the bus, Sakura still has trouble finding the place, but Kero flies over to locate the massive mansion. The two are impressed at the scope of Madison's abode, and are even surprised to see she has a maid who formally refers to her as Ms. Taylor. Madison requests tea for three, which confuses the maid. The trio heads off to her bedroom, which is just as magnificent. It even has a video room so Sakura can watch herself get humiliated! Speaking of which, Madison has another green butterfly-like costume all ready, which at least Kero appreciates. Sakura changes the subject to that issue Madison phoned her about, but they are interrupted by Madison's mother arriving. She takes them out to the garden for tea and cake, but before Kero can sulk too much, his Clow Card senses tingle.

But let's forget about that for now, because it's tea party time! The strawberry cake being served reminds Samantha of how Sakura's mother loved strawberries. As the girls eat up, Samantha gazes lovingly at Sakura, reminiscing about Natasha. She then brings up Sakura's athleticism, remarking that it comes from her father's side as her mother was very clumsy. A montage demonstrates, ending with Natasha falling on and for Aiden Avalon. Sakura comments that her klutziness was a good thing then, and that one should expect the unexpected as you never know what's around the corner. Samantha tells her that she will grow up to be the kind, giving person Natasha was, which pleases Sakura. The meeting is interrupted by Samantha getting a sudden job notice, which prompts the girls to return to Madison's room.

Kero is very unpleased, to say the least. He makes a hilarious expression with will-o-wisps surrounding him as he chastistes Sakura for forcing him to watch them eat cake in envy, but Madison fixes the situation with the last slice. He mentions a Clow Card as an aside, and Madison brings Sakura to a jewelry box which neither her nor her mother could open as the lock was blocked by a mysterious force. With wand at ready, she wonders what a Clow Card could want with such an ordinary-looking box, but tapping the force field is enough for Kero to identify it as The Shield card. It protects precious objects, which means the contents must be really special to Madison's mom. Sakura eventually figures to use the Sword and says the Release! chant while calling it. Guess they had to say it at some point this episode. Go, overly dramatic sword cut and seal! Too bad Madison forgot to get her in costume.

Finally being able to look inside the box, Samantha comes to pick up the cherry blossom bouquet inside, Natasha's favourite flower. This is the origin of Sakura's Meaningful Name as she explains. Sakura thus daydreams of standing among sakura trees with her mother in the background. Madison reveals another gift inside, a surprise which once belonged to her mother but will eventually be given to Sakura. A cherry blossom petal falls on the box at the episode's close.