Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Double-Edged Sword

The school bell rings as Madison walks along. She catches up to Sakura, who is still bummed from the events of the previous episode. In class, she nervously tries to make amends to Li by thanking him, but telling him she won't need his help next time. He rudely brushes this off, still believing she doesn't have a clue. Sakura, shocked, changes her tune, taunting him about being chosen despite not studying for her entire life. Her mention of his robes triggers his Berserk Button and he angrily tells her to not talk about things she doesn't understand. As Sakura stands flustered, along comes class president Zachary to break the tension by assigning Li a load of chores.

The mysterious dream with the radio tower reappears, only interrupted by Sakura's teacher yelling at her to wake up. Luckily, class is over anyways. He tells Rita of the test tomorrow she urgently needs to pass. Sakura stays after class to wait for her, but runs into Li's angry stare yet again (insert Twilight joke here). Madison suggests to Sakura that they hang out at her house, with Sakura approving as they could help Rita study.

The three stop by a luxury store and admire the brooches. Sakura gets a winged heart, Madison gets the cross, and Rita, to the others' surprise, picks up the sword. Ominous music plays as she holds it in her palm. This can't be good.

Kero is playing Super Nintendo as Sakura reminds him to stay put as they have guests. The girls go over a few words for the spelling test, and as they get to "brooch", they decide to put them on for inspiration. Unfortunately, Rita comes down with a case of missing pupils and her brooch becomes a magic sword repeatedly striking at Sakura. Attempting to flee, she is temporarily hindered by the stuck door horror cliche. Kero flies down detecting a Clow Card and pudding. Not a good time, ya know. The swordfight is taken outside and Kero explains that the Sword card has taken control over Rita. Sakura is hesitant to confront her friend, and merely attempts to evade her with Jump. Nonetheless, Sword shows no such mercy and continues its pursuit. A street lamp ends up as a casualty (wonder who's going to pay for the damages). But along comes Li to save the day, blocking what could have been a direct hit. Sakura, concerned with Rita, grabs Li out of his fighting stance. Madison asks if they are all right, and rather ungratefully, Sakura claims it's no thanks to him. She is determined to capture the card without his help and she summons Illusion to project an image of Rita's fear, her teacher. Taking advantage of the opportunity, she knocks the sword out of her hand, breaking the spell and allowing her to seal the card. Li is still not impressed, regarding Sword as an easy capture. Suddenly, Julian shows up, oblivious as usual to the awkward scene in front of him. Upon complimenting Li on his outfit, Li flees again. Hmm...maybe they could get Julian to pay up for the broken lamp.

The next day, Rita is at the library. She tells Sakura that she couldn't remember what happened yesterday or what happened to her brooch. Nervously, Sakura gives her a gift in return, her own heart brooch. She felt bad about Rita's brooch going missing, so she wanted to make it up to her. What a nice friend. That's what I like about Sakura: besides being intelligent and resourceful, she's also really kind, an often undervalued trait. This makes her rude attitude towards Li rather jarring in this episode. Sure, he was being a major ass first, but still....

Tori finds out from Julian that Li was in front of his house the other day, and he angrily swears vengeance for the sake of his sister. Julian taunts him about sticking up to her and Tori justifies it by saying no one else has the right to make fun of her. Suddenly, Tori gets hit by a flaming spell paper. Nice job Li. Julian may be dense, but I don't think alerting Tori to your magic was that good of an idea. Sakura walks up and is annoyed to see Li again, but she changes her expression to give Julian a present for the other day. Envious, Li leaves in a hurry. The episode closes with Madison getting a shocked expression of Sakura for her webpage. This show aired before Myspace and Facebook, but considering how many video game characters have their own account, I wonder....