Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Sakura's Rival

Apparently this was the first episode shown in the US broadcast. Eh.

The peculiar dream from the initial episode returns, but something is different about it. In place of Sakura is the green-clad boy from the end of last episode going through what was her routine. Screaming at the boy to come back, she eventually wakes out the nightmare, but not before knocking Kero back. It was a recurring dream, she claims. Tori comes in on their conversation as he heard voices. Passing it off as Sakura going mental, he leaves, but he still suspects the "stuffed toy". Before she leaves for school, Kero reminds her to "expect things when you least expect them".

So once again she rushes to keep with Tori as he taunts her for talking to imaginary friends. She tells Julian that she had a strange dream, who tells her that dreams can tell you what you least expect. I mean, who can tell that he would have French Toast for breakfast from his dream? What a loon.

Today, the class has a new exchange student:

Li Showron

Boy, you really don't have a clue about this, do you?

So, this is Li. Unlike Sakura, he doesn't chuckle. He'd rather flex his muscles. Seriously, the guy is perpetually frowning for his early appearances, and it unnerves Sakura along with the fact she dreamed about him. The teacher oddly writes what clearly would have been his name on the board, but there is no writing. Pretty stupid, really. Anyways, Li ends up sitting behind none other than Sakura. Madison tries to be cordial, but Li continues to stare angrily at Sakura. GRR!

At the playground, Li analyzes Sakura with his Lasin Board and his own catchphrase ("Force, know my plight, release the light!"), revealing that she has the Clow Cards. He wants her to give them to him, but Sakura refuses as she's capturing them for Kero. Li disdains Sakura as a Cardcaptor for accidentally letting the cards out and resorts to force to attempt to grab them from her. None other than Tori comes to save the day. They stare each other down for a fight, but then Julian comes in to save the bringing snacks. Li is inexplicably frightened and runs away. Good job, Julian. Your density actually came in handy this time.

Sakura walks home with Madison, prepared to talk to Kero about Li. However, a violent storm breaks out with no rain. This ain't no ordinary storm either. The lightning jumps from lamppost to lamppost, chases an electrician, and then returns to the cloud from whence it came, which disappears into clear sky. Back at home, the ever reliable Kero is sleeping as Sakura tries to tell him about her day. All Kero can say is "Expect the unexpected" in response. Kero goes on to say Li is insignificant in Sakura's quest and yet another history lesson about Clow Reed's Clow Cards. How this relates to Li? He is a descendant of Clow Reed. Sakura suddenly believes she should have given the cards then, but Kero reassures her that since she broke the seal and signed the cards, she was the rightful owner. However, this chatter is broken up by Madison phoning Sakura about the impending storm. Showtime.

The costume this time is the pink cyber rose cat outfit, apparently normal enough to be in all the magazines and is made of high-tech non-conducting rubber. Sure, let's go with that. Ready to fly, she tells Kero of Li's Lasin Board, which gives him a predictive edge, but Sakura is determined to beat him to it regardless. Kero reminds her to transform it to its visible form, as if we couldn't have figured that out already, but she is only able to flee when Li shows up. He uses his sword to counter the lightning with his own lightning spell, revealing its true form as a Raiju. Sakura initially suggests Windy, but Li tells her to put it away, as it won't work. An impatient Kero tells them to stop arguing, and Li tells her to prepare Shadow instead. He paralyzes the beast with his spell as Sakura traps it with Shadow. She strangely says "Release and Dispel" just before sealing Thunder. Li insults her which causes Kero to reveal his presence. He is surprised that Kero is a stuffed animal, resulting in him biting Li's finger in anger. He leaves, brushing the two off as a joke as Madison comes in. Sakura is visibly upset, remarking that this is only the beginning.

UPDATE: Can't believe I forgot to mention this the first time around. When Madison goes over to greet Li, he just brushes her off. Her response? What-ever. Yes, in that tone of voice. I find this more amusing than I should.