Cliche gets an auditory consumption of Black Eyed Peas


Monkey Business: My Humps

So it's come to this. I am now writing about My Humps. If you dare click here, brace yourself for certain psychological damage afterwards.

This...sound is the nadir. The lowest point in the entire Black Eyed Peas discography. It is innuendo pushed past the apex; one of the definitive examples of Erection Rejection's existence. This Ear Worm inspires not arousal, but mind-numbing embarrassment.

There is nothing subtle about this or the accompanying music video. You hear the dreaded words "My Humps" and "my lovely lady lumps" repeated ad nauseam in the chorus, and they even say the words "breast" and "ass". Speaking of which, after you watch the dancers shamelessly flaunt them, you will not want to ogle at female body parts for days. The verses are just as horrid, revelling in the hypocrisy of singing and dancing so erotically yet claiming to not desire the men's attention. According to our Parody Failure page, it was supposed to be mocking this kind of stuff. "Infinitely stupider than its source material" is too nice!

Fortunately, there is a much better version of the song out there, courtesy of Alanis Morissette. There's something to make one proud to be Canadian.


"Hump" and/or "lump" has got to be the very least erotic way to refer to... anything.

Probably because they imply either birth defects or cancer.
EponymousKid 6th Mar 11