Cliche gets an auditory consumption of Black Eyed Peas


Bridging the Gap: Weekend & Request + Line

The next single of Bridging The Gap: Weekend featuring Esthero on the chorus. Will.I.Am is a working guy getting a four day weekend and deciding to spend it partying at the club with his buddies. Pretty simple and self-explanatory. The Peas are moving and Esthero plays the club singer grooving in skimpy clothing.

Finally, we come to the main attraction of the album, the one with Macy Grey: Request + Line. It's a song about the radio and calling on the line to request a favourite song. The music video is, in a word, trippy. The Black Eyed Peas dance to random colourful lights and Macy is in a room acting the DJ. It's catchy, and the band's love of music really shines through. It's the purest expression of how their favourite topic to rap about is rap itself.

Well, we've crossed the bridge, and now it's on to Elephunk next time. Let's see what's in store with the new member of the...oh crap.