Slowzombie is blind about Dark, The Adventures of Dark Yagami


How Anticlimactic

This chapter is called ďMaybe last chapter or not.Ē Whatís that? A possible end to this madness? I dare to hope, but getting my hopes too high? In this fic? Nah. The author says he might add some more later, some more being thirteen chapters, soÖ yeah, this will be great.

Father Yagami is understandably a bit peeved about L writing his wifeís name in the Death Note, but L assures him that he has a plan and retrieves a white death note reading ďLife note.Ē L has a life note, which I assume is the opposite of a Death Note and the one element that will smash the little of what I liked about Death Note straight out of this fic. Granted, the original pilot, or whatever you call a pilot in a manga form, had a Death Eraser which could undo a death note fatality, but transplanting an idea like this over to the main Death Note story works on the same level as fishes on bicycles work. Besides, why didnít he reanimate Mikami earlier if it was so damn important? I just donít know, and again, I suspect the author doesnít either.

Well, back in the Yagami household, Sachiko, still not named, poor thing, dances around, controlled by the Death Note . She tells Dark that L knows he is Kira and tells him to come to the warehouse, Iím assuming this warehouse is the same as in the original Death Noteís final confrontation. Iíd comment on how story elements from all over the timeline seems to merge together without rhyme or reason, but youíve heard that before. Before Mrs. Yagami can get any further, though, she gets a heart attack and dies. Somehow, Soichiro senses his wife dying, and chews L out. Iím guessing itís because ofÖ the Yagami house still being bugged? Or, I would assume that, hadnít it been for that Light wouldíve blown his cover in chapter one. I just donít know any more. Anyway, L writes that Sachiko comes back to life in the Life Note. Yes, it would seem my worst suspicions have become reality; the consequence for killing someone with a Death Note is officially neutered.

Luckily, before I am to get too worked about that, the Life note apparently also teleports the target to the user, since Soichiro glomped Lightís mom to the ground. Yes, glomping, thatís something I can imagine Soichiro doing, ever. Well, back in the Yagami household, Light is distressed because we have to go to the warehouse again but this time we donít have mikami! EhmÖ referring to the end of the manga? BuhÖ what? Plot? Timeline? THERE IS NO CONTINUITY, THERE IS ONLY ZUUL. Dark, however, has a plan.

They went to the warehouse and L was waiting for them there. Near was there as well and he was playing with some toy robot or something I donít know its not really important. If itís not importantÖ you do not need to add it, in fact, omitting it is a good idea, just a thought. Anyway, Dark and L face off, and L somehow comes to the fact that because Dark and Light came here, Dark must be Kira, of course. Dark, however, uses his Red Death Note and kills L, no real surprises there. However, Blud has a surprise up his sleeve. You see, he really isnít Darkís shinigami, no, heís Lís, and revives Dark with the Life Note. What a twist! Dark is arrested, but it turns out Blud really works for Dark after all. WellÖ thanks for not leaving your plot twist pointless as anything else than a weak plot device, it saves me a load of trouble.

Oh, and Darks short time in prison turns out to be completely pointless because Dark still has his red death note and eventually just decides to escape. Then one day he wrote the names of everyone in the prison and all the guards and stuff too and made them dig a tunnel out. When L found out he was mad! HoorayÖ I guess? Dark returns to the Yagami household, where Blud has wiped Soichiros memory, so that only Light and, one assumes, L, remembers that Dark was even arrested. Iím not even going to ask how Blud did the mindwiping thing, Iím assuming itís some level of New Powers as the Plot Demands. Sayu tells Dark that she and Misa are going steady, and suggests a threesome. Light replies that a foursome might be better, thus setting up what could, in the hands of any moderately capable writer, be the most awkward reunion scene ever, but the Yagami household is apparently quite liberal, so they all just laugh. I can imagine the cheesy sitcom music already. For a brief moment, it looks like the end. A stupid, unsatisfying end, sure, but the end, however, there is a stinger, in which Yotsuba says the ďparty can really begin.Ē Oh sweet Azathoth, no.