Twin Union: We'll Never Fight Alone! (Sacred Stones Draft)


Chapter 15A: (TREASURE TIME!...oh, and your brother's safe too)

This is one of the larger missions in terms of the number of enemies you have to fight, and the fact that the treasure tempts me made it even worse. To collect it, I brought Rennac and Colm, but I didn't make the best choices with their placements

  • The most notable thing about this chapter (Besides ZOMG TREASURE!) is the fact that Ephraim returns to the main group along with my final draftee, Duessel. Duessel starts with a Silver Axe and Silver Lance, and was able to play the role of a one man wrecking crew with these items in tow. Ephraim is a great unit too, but I found myself mildly regretting not giving him decent lances at the end of chapter 8. It meant that Ephraim was stuck with his awesome but finite Reginleif, and an almost broken Steel Lance and Javalin. I guess we know what the Hammerne will most likely be used for.

  • Rennac initially tried to get the Silver Card, but wound up doubling back when a swarm of Pegasus Knights attacked the group. It was a dumb thing to try to get anyways, because I've learned that money tends to not really be an issue in draft runs.

  • Artur's main job was defeating Caellach. It took a few turns, but his powerful magic was able to defeat him eventually. Meanwhile, Tana met up with Ephraim's groupd and helped them out a bit. Kyle took the long way around the sand, and made good bait, so the enemy wouldn't hit Knoll for a penalty.

  • Eventually a few of Ephraim's group managed to make it to Valter's side of the map. I was a little worried about how I would deal with him, but Garcia was actually able to make the fight very easy, taking him out with one swing of a Dragon Axe that was acquired in this chapter. As for treasure, I got most of the items that I wanted, though I did miss out on the Metis's Tome and the Swiftsoles.

And with that, the crew is set.

  • Eirika: Level 20 Lord; HP: 30; Str: 11; Skill: 16; Speed: 17; Luck: 15; Def: 7; Res: 3; Con: 5; Swords: A

  • Ephraim: Level 17 Lord; HP: 34; Str: 15; Skill: 13; Speed: 17; Luck: 15; Def: 12; Res: 6; Con: 8; Lances: B

  • Garcia: Level 6 Hero; HP: 48; Str: 19; Skill: 15; Speed: 13; Luck: 13; Def: 11; Res: 6; Con: 14; Axes: S; Swords: C

  • Artur: Level 7 Bishop; HP: 35; Mag: 19; Skill: 18; Speed: 18; Luck: 7; Def: 8; Res: 22; Con: 7; Light: S; Staff: C

  • Kyle: Level 3 Paladin; HP: 43; Str: 17; Skill: 12; Speed: 12; Luck: 8; Def: 14; Res: 2; Con: 12; Swords: A; Lances: A

  • Tana: Level 19 Pegasus Knight; HP: 38; Str: 11; Skill: 14; Speed: 20; Luck: 19; Def: 9; Res: 8; Con: 5; Lances: A

  • Ewan: Level 16 Mage; HP: 37; Mag: 16; Skill: 15; Speed: 15; Luck: 17; Def: 5; Res: 15; Con: 6; Anima: B

  • Duessel: Level 10 Great Knight; HP: 43; Str: 18; Skill: 12; Speed: 13; Luck: 8; Def: 17; Res: 11; Con: 15; Swords: A; Axes: A; Lances: A

Turns: 13 (I think) (191 turns total)


You still have me beat, even with Queen of White Dunes, since I had so much trouble with the monster chapters.
hnd03 3rd Jul 12