Let's Play FFIV: The After Years

Some Color Mage

Another Floor, Another Boss

The smartest characters? Okay, let's take Edward and Golbez. This team has no White Magic, but it has Edward, so I don't feel too uncomfortable taking these guys.

We make our way down to B6. The bridge on the east takes us to the Final Outfit. This can make either Calca or Brina viable in battle. Hell, at 30 Defence, it is currently the strongest armour we have. The invisible bridge is also here, and following it into a hidden passage takes us to a Flame Whip and stairs up to the Genji Helm and the Blood Lance. There's also a Save Point, so we heal up.

Back on B6, we take the western path, leading to a White Robe and another Crystal.

Edge: Oh, come on... You have to be kidding me.

Rydia: Oh, no!

Luca: I... I'm ready for anything!

Edward: Who is it going to be this time?

Golbez: (Oh, no... Not the rulers of Eblan!)

Oh, now that's just cruel. The Crystal shatters, revealing the former King and Queen of Eblan.

Rydia: No! Not Edge's...!

Edge: F-Father! Mother!?

We can pretty much do whatever we like, the two will refuse to attack us. They don't even make a token effort like they do in FFIV.

King of Eblan: Edge...

Edge: Father!

Queen of Eblan: You've grown... into such a fine man...

Edge: Mother...

King of Eblan: Do not wait for us, Edge... We are happy...

Queen of Eblan: Yes... Happy... that we could see you... once more...

Edge: Yeah... Me, too!

King of Eblan: Please... Save Eblan... Save our world...

The two kill themselves. Again.

Edge: ...

Rydia: Please rest in peace... for good, this time.

Luca: (His mother, was it? I hope my own father is okay!)

Edward: (O great king of Eblan! You were just as my father described...)

Except maybe the monster part.

Golbez: (His mother and father?)

Edge: (I got it... You can count on me! Thank you, Mother... Father...!)

Well, time to rest up. That night...

Rydia: ...

Luca: Rydia?

Rydia: Oh... Luca.

Luca: You all right?

Rydia: Huh?

Luca: You must have a lot weighing on your mind. Cecil, of course... but also, the fates of the Eidolon King and Queen.

Rydia: Yes...

Luca: I know they must be waiting for you right now, Rydia... just as all the other Eidolons did.

Rydia: Thank you, Luca... You seem like you've been enjoying yourself up here on the moon.

Luca: Does it look that way? Well, I didn't want to bring it up... but there's someone very special to me here.

Rydia: Palom, you mean?

Luca: No! Oh, no-no-no-no! I'm talking about Master Cid. There's so much I still want to learn from that man!


Rydia: Have you... talked with Palom at all?

Luca: Ah, it doesn't matter anymore.

Rydia: Huh?

Luca: Oh, I don't mean anything more like that. I mean, certainly, I had my fair share of jealousy and everything... But now, it just doesn't matter that much to me anymore.

Rydia: Luca...

Luca: It's not like I hate him or anything. I've just got other things I need to worry about right now.

Rydia: Really?

Luca: Really! We dwarves don't like dwelling over the small things in life, you know.

Rydia: Hee hee... That's certainly a very dwarven thing to say.

Luca: Well, how about you grow a little dwarven spirit yourself, then? We've still got Cecil to save... and also the Eidolon King and his people!

Rydia: Thank you, Luca!

That's it. No Band. Next time, I've already got all 5 slots filled, so we'll leave that a surprise.


Edge: Lv 47 HP:2869 MP:210 Strength:57 Speed:41 Stamina:44 Intellect:31 Spirit:24 Attack:139 (10x99% Accuracy) Defence:63 (5x0% Evasion) Magic Defence:13 (2x13% Evasion)

        Rydia: Lv 48 HP:2011 MP:509 Strength:23 Speed:23 Stamina:22 Intellect:61 Spirit:44 Attack:70 (4x87% Accuracy) Defence:39 (2x34% Evasion) Magic Defence:11 (3x24% Evasion)

Luca: Lv 47 HP:2815 MP:121 Strength:72 Speed:24 Stamina:61 Intellect:7 Spirit:7 Attack:119 (11x91% Accuracy) Defence:68 (3x0% Evasion) Magic Defence:6 (0x5% Evasion)

        Edward: Lv 42 HP:1754 MP:178 Strength:38 Speed:28 Stamina:26 Intellect:28 Spirit:33 Attack:54 (6x99% Accuracy) Defence:37 (3x49% Evasion) Magic Defence:0 (1x6% Evasion)

Golbez: Lv 50 HP:2971 MP:396 Strength:61 Speed:30 Stamina:80 Intellect:47 Spirit:37 Attack:132 (9x99% Accuracy) Defence:83 (6x36% Evasion) Magic Defence:9 (2x18% Evasion)


On one hand, I like that Edward is the smartest person in the game. On the other that was low game. What were the makers thinking. Anybody playing this game probably beat FFIV already. Which means all the drama from that is used up.
JeremyKopczynski 28th Jun 12
Yeah, I agree. There's absolutely nothing new there, and in FFIV it led to a great scene. Here? There's no big scene surrounding it. Hell, you don't even have to bring Edge, IIRC. It's just awfully done.
SomeColorMage 28th Jun 12
One take from the scene is that whoever is using the old bosses now Did Not Do The Research as to which ones would actually be useful. That certainly sounds like the Mysterious Girls: so assured of their success that they don't even try to understand anything else.
Mysterion 28th Jun 12
Good point, but a scene that falls flat intentionally still falls flat.
SomeColorMage 29th Jun 12
You don't even have to take Edge? wow. I thought maybe they wanted to hurt Edge or something but wow.
JeremyKopczynski 29th Jun 12