Twin Union: We'll Never Fight Alone! (Sacred Stones Draft)


Chapter 12A: Promotions. Lots and Lots of promotions.

More creatures are in the area, but hey, at least we can see.

  • Garcia and Tana mostly took to the rear to fight off the surprise reinforcements, while Eirika, Artur, and Kyle fought their way to the village.

  • Garcia and Artur were able to promote in this chapter as well. Garcia became a Hero, which gave him some extra speed and the ability to use swords. Meanwhile Artur promoted into a Bishop, which allowed him to use healing staves, as well as granting him the very useful Slayer skill.

  • Saleh was forced to be in the party, so he hung out between the two main groups. Near the end, he met up with Ewan, who decided to tag along. Unfortunetly, even though he's one of my draftees, Ewan was too weak to really contribute on this map.

  • The boss creature apperently didn't know the Fire Emblem rules, and stood IN FRONT of the gate. This meant that the party was able to easily surround him and defeat him. They even got his Halberd item.

  • After the battle was won, Ewan got to go on his grinding trip in the Tower, as allowed by the rules. He took Tethys, L'archeal, Saleh, and Gerik along with him. Saleh mostly meatshielded while Ewan used the fire tome on zombie after zombie, with dancing help from Tethys.

The party is filling out now:

  • Eirika: Level 20 Lord; HP: 30; Str: 11; Skill: 16; Speed: 17; Luck: 15; Def: 7; Res: 3; Con: 5; Swords: A

  • Garcia: Level 1 Hero; HP: 44; Str: 17; Skill: 14; Speed: 10; Luck: 12; Def: 10; Res: 5; Con: 14; Axes: A; Swords: C

  • Artur: Level 2 Bishop; HP: 34; Mag: 17; Skill: 16; Speed: 16; Luck: 6; Def: 7; Res: 18; Con: 7; Light: A; Staff: C

  • Kyle: Level 19 Cavalier; HP: 38; Str: 14; Skill: 11; Speed: 9; Luck: 7; Def: 12; Res: 1; Con: 10; Swords: B; Lances: A

  • Tana: Level 12 Pegasus Knight; HP: 33; Str: 9; Skill: 11; Speed: 17; Luck: 13; Def: 7; Res: 7; Con: 5; Lances: C

  • Ewan: Level 10 Pupil; HP: 20; Mag: 4; Skill: 7; Speed: 7; Luck: 11; Def: 1; Res: 3; Con: 5; Anima: D

Turns: 16 (141 turns total)


Ewan looks like he'll be pretty fast, with a Speed of 9 on promotion to Mage. Too bad he gets no Magic.
hnd03 25th Jun 12 (edited by: hnd03)
I'm worried that Ewan will be a bit of a load character tbh. 9 Speed may be great for a level 1 mage, but its still not enough to double. And don't even get me started on that HP. He's definitely getting the other Angelic Robe I found, that's for sure.
Barrylocke 27th Jun 12