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Twin Union: We'll Never Fight Alone! (Sacred Stones Draft)

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Chapter 12A: Promotions. Lots and Lots of promotions.
More creatures are in the area, but hey, at least we can see.

The party is filling out now:

Turns: 16 (141 turns total)
25th Jun '12 9:50:21 PM flag for mods
Ewan looks like he'll be pretty fast, with a Speed of 9 on promotion to Mage. Too bad he gets no Magic.
hnd03 25th Jun 12 (edited by: hnd03)
I'm worried that Ewan will be a bit of a load character tbh. 9 Speed may be great for a level 1 mage, but its still not enough to double. And don't even get me started on that HP. He's definitely getting the other Angelic Robe I found, that's for sure.
Barrylocke 27th Jun 12
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