Memories of a Sleeping King: A Breton Europa Universalis AAR


We March

July 27th, 1400

Duke Jean stood outside the church, preparing to accept the surrender by the steward of Anjou acting in the absence of King Louis of Naples. Not a lone soldier had died in the siege. Resistance from Anjou had been token, the local dialect was already quite close to the Gallo of Upper Brittany and Provence had done little to protect them from Brittany. More found it a simplification than anything. Maine offered more resistance and for that and they would soon be quelled as well.

Aourgen had arrived the night before and stood by Jean's side.

Aourgen: What is the news Milord?

Jean: Bar collapsed handily before Burgundy while you were riding through France. Some lesser captain, Rene de Castellux I believe, felt spurred and has gathered himself an army, claiming to be Duke by some obscure law of inherentance. Past that, nothing of note.

Aourgen: You're certain that's his name? I haven't heard of them.

Jean: An obscure family at best, though I wouldn't be surprised if he was simply a commoner who took on a name. Regardless, I suspect that he might be supported by the French and so his army is respectable.

Aourgen: Should we offer aid?

Jean: Phillipe still has momentum from the war and his realm is no longer in two pieces. The French have thrown their money away and frankly have better things to do than throw more of their money or men away, they are at way with England after all.

Aourgen: You have not heard then? England has been driven from Normand shores.

Jean: I had hoped they would fare better.

Aourgen: And trade one foe for the next? Let them both expend eachother but whoever holds Paris is our foe.

Jean: You dream of lands too far east Aourgen.

Aourgen: I dream of glory.

Jean: Then ready the men. We march north tomorrow. The ceremony should not take long.


Anjou has fallen, meaning I've got 1/2 of my Objectives down. Maine is next.

Burgundy has finally put down Bar who didn't even manage to pull in any allies. I blame Burgundy's alliance with Bohemia but between that and Naples being a bit of a loner, it's a rather boring opening, but then I've had worse and it at least gives me a nice starting position. A pretender has popped up in Burgundy, and a surprisingly large one at that [8000 men, 2000 more than I have in my whole army] but they have a large army stack [15000] fresh from the fight that should run down the rebels quite handily.

France meanwhile has managed to beat the English out of Normandy. About 8000 English were caught by the looks of it, maybe more since I don't know when it started. I can't imagine they're doing much better in the south either. While it's a tempting thought to join in on England's side, I don't have the Casus Belli for it which means Burgundy would probably ignore me and neither England or Portugal are strong enough to give me a lot of protection, nor would they necessarily be keen to offer alliances to me during a war of aggression.

Unless things change radically, I'm up against the big old French blob and stuck sucking up to the English one so no Irish wars for the foreseeable future, which is worrying since I suspect they have Conquer Ireland for their initial mission.
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