Chan's the Man

Lady Momus


I probably should have done this before now, but here's the official announcement that this liveblog is dead. I'm sorry to anyone who's been reading.

The main reason that the liveblog is ending is that I'm incredibly unhappy with how the liveblog has gone so far. I don't feel like it's my best work or even very good. I'm not quite sure what I need to fix so that I'd be satisfied with the quality, which is incredibly frustrating. (If I knew what to fix, I would have already fixed it.)

I still want to blog about Jackie Chan Adventures in the future, but for now, the liveblog is dead. If I do decide to blog about JCA again, it will be a completely new liveblog.

Again, I'm sorry to anyone who was reading.


aaawww ok well, its your decision and I'm fine with it. -hugs you- I'll keep following you on your website.
gekkolexicon 16th Jun 12
Ah well. I'll miss it.
Tuckerscreator 8th Aug 12
Any chance of reviving this?
goldenalex 22nd Jan 14