The Liveblog of Time: The Dragon Reborn


Chapter 15: The Grey Man

The fun starts right away, as Egwene and Nynaeve are almost killed by a crossbow from a Grey Man, someone who has given up their soul to the Dark One to become Beneath Notice. Nynaeve traps him in an air pocket, but thereís another one who kills him and then circles around to remove the arrow. Thatís when Sheriam finds them, which makes her suspect number one to Nynaeve, though of course that would be too easy. Theyíre told not to tell anyone else about this, which could lead to quite the inappropriate comedy of Egwene and Nynaeve knowing the whole story and struggling to remember who else knows each part.

The Grey Men are a pretty good addition to the Rogues Gallery, and it actually makes sense why we havenít heard of them until now: less subtle ways of taking the heroes out havenít worked, so now the Dark One sends in the elite assassins that he saves for the big problems. This is getting complicated fast, and is actually starting to pull ahead of the Perrin and Rand stories in my interest level.


I still believe the "pale little man you didn't seem to really notice even when you were looking at him" Ingtar let in to Fal Dara was a Gray Man, prior to their official introduction.
montagohalcyon 7th Jun 12
Huh, nice little thing there. Makes sense from what happens in later books.
Arilou 7th Jun 12
And, from what I understand, ANYONE could be a Grey Man! You could be one! I could be one! Even...
JohnFreechment 5th Apr 13