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Chapter 3- Bandits Get to Have Cool Houses

Right, so, I've realized that I've been, perhaps, a bit TOO in-depth for the first few chapters, and thus will be bogging this liveblog down in fewer details from now on.

Regardless, on with the show!

Having managed Erika's items, she was now armed with an Iron Sword and a Steel Sword, as well as a Vulnerary and an Elixir. Her Rapier has one use left.

Upon entering the Bandit's Hideout, I sent Erika and Neimi north, leaving everyone else in the entryway. After recruiting Colm, who gave his Iron Sword to Erika, Neimi retired there as well. Erika went along, beating Brigands left and right, though it took approximately TOO MANY tries to have her survive a round in the main floor area. Damned Archer. Colm managed to snag all the loot, at least. In the end, Erika managed to solo this chapter in 9 turns, with a couple of levels in Strength to boot! Man, this took forever to complete- She kept getting hit by low-hit attacks and dying...

Chapter Turn Count- 9

Total Turn Count- 35


There's no such thing as too much depth, if Alfric's Encyclopedia is anything to go by.

I'm actually not going into enough depth, especially compared to Blazing Sword.
hnd03 2nd Jun 12
Even so, the play-by-play was a little dull. When I can make use of strategies beyond "Erika moves in and attacks, then counters on the Enemy Phase, then attacks again" I'll expand a bit more.
Pulse 2nd Jun 12
I KNOW you're gonna be happy when you finally get Lute.
Barrylocke 4th Jun 12
I just realized that with just Eirika and Lute, it'd be better to wait for the split in order to fetch a Guiding Ring because getting Chapter 5's early one will be a little nightmare...
AstraSage 4th Jun 12
You'll get one pretty early into Eirika's route, Pablo has it in Chapter 10, so Lute may not even be at a level you'd want to promote her at by the time you get it. On the other side, it comes at the halfway point of Ephraim's from an easily killable Shaman. That chapter also just happens to be absolutely swarming with enemies, sadly.
hnd03 4th Jun 12