The Liveblog of Time: The Dragon Reborn


Chapter 6: The Hunt Begins

Perrin wakes up the next day to find that Rand is gone, leaving a note that only says hes following his latest dreams. Luckily, he accidentally gave Perrin the same dream, so all that was actually important. Its about Callandor, so were reminded of the Catch-22 prophecy about it. And Moiraine parcels out the major subplots for the book: she, Lan, Perrin, and Loial will go after Rand, Min will go to Tar Valon to tell Siuan whats happening, and Uno will lead the Shienarans to Ghealdan, though Im pretty vague as to why. Just a place for them to lay low until Rand is back, as far as I can tell. Also notable: Min tells Perrin to run if he sees the most beautiful woman in the world, presumably talking about Lanfear, which leads to a Crowning Moment of Funny as Perrin assumes she wants him for herself.

So theyre off, and things can really pick up. Im especially intrigued by the possibilities of Uno becoming a viewpoint character; I dont think weve even been told yet how he lost his eye, so that should shed some more light on him and the other Shienarans. And though we have to sit through more of Mins crush on Rand, its evened out by her fearless sassiness to Moiraine after shes not too pleased with her assignment. Though anything to get a better look at how Mat and the girls are doing.


About the Shienarans: yes, that exactly (laying low in Ghealdan), but things will not go as planned, because Masema is a bit fanatical.

You won't see the fallout from this in the current book, but it will cause the girls issues shortly down the road and keep Perrin occupied for a long time toward the tail end of the series.
montagohalcyon 30th May 12
Things well... Kind of well... Go off the rails in Ghaeldan.

I don't think Moiraine really has any idea (despite having prepared her entire life) for the amount of shit that's about to hit the fan.
Arilou 31st May 12