The Liveblog of Time: The Dragon Reborn


Chapter 5: Nightmares Walking

It turns out those “twisted ones” are just Trollocs. But I’m not about to complain, because something is happening! Perrin is almost killed by one until the local wolf pack does a Big Damn Heroes, and he gets a Crowning Moment of Awesome when he gives into the wolf instincts, and hamstrings and kills a Fade. But the Fade already killed Leya, who couldn’t even die with dignity and has a look of hating all the violence stuck on her face. Thanks for making it so easy to not care about this.

After the Trollocs are driven off, Perrin picks an unfortunate time to give a wolf howl, but Lan covers for him by proclaiming him a hero and getting everyone to cheer. Not really buying it, but I’m still just happy things are happening. Moiraine drives herself to exhaustion healing everyone, while Rand angsts about how he couldn’t do anything. Come on, character development.

And so the tradition of everyone sitting around for a few chapters until a Trolloc attack becomes official. This didn’t last as long as the others, but then each of those chapters felt a lot longer too, so it evens out. Perrin definitely Took a Level in Badass here, and hopefully Rand won’t be far behind. Plus the annoying Tinker is dead, so things are looking up all around.


The next time this happens it will not be the first action sequence, and I can't really remember if it occurs again beyond that. So don't get too used to the tradition.
montagohalcyon 29th May 12
For the record, the wolves have unique names for pretty much everything important, with "Twisted ones" merely being their name for Trollocs. You'll get used to it.
Sabbo 30th May 12
The wolf's names for Aes Sedai are pretty good.
nightwyrm_zero 30th May 12