Let's Play FFIV: The After Years

Some Color Mage

Bland-off of the Century

Well everyone, let's head back to Mysidia. When we get there, we find the place crawling with monsters!

Porom: What!? No! Kain!

Kain: We're too late.

Porom: We have to find the elder! Quickly!

Despite being under attack, we can still use the inn, so we do so. There is a Steel Golem in the way, which falls pretty quickly between Kain and Blizarra. He head inside the Hall of Prayer to find a collapsed black mage.

Porom: ...Hold on! Hang in there!

Black Mage: Porom... the... the elder...

We head up to the Prayer Dias, where we find a monster attack the elder. It turns on us, and we enter a boss fight against the Blood Eye. First thing, the guy's fast, so we cast Slow on him twice. Next, we Berserk Kain, and let Black Mage do whatever. It can inflict some status effects, but we have two healers backing us, so it's not too big a deal.

Porom: Elder? Elder!

We take him to the beds in the Hall of Prayer.

Elder: Porom... You've returned safely...

Porom: Elder...

Elder: The monsters... They appeared from the Devil's Road...

Porom: Then Baron's already been overrun!

Elder: I fear... it is already too late...

Porom: No, it can't be...

Elder: Where is Kain?

Porom: Right here.

Elder: We stand below the twin moons once more... As we speak, your homeland of Baron has fallen into the hands of monsters... And next... Mysidia...

Kain: They're after the Crystals...

Well, that's the only thing villains on this planet ever seem interested in.

Elder: So it appears...

Porom: Who could be sending them here?

Elder: I cannot say...

Kain: I need to see Baron for myself.

Porom: Elder! I, too, will go to Baron!

Kain: Don't.

Porom: Kain!

He starts to leave.

Porom: Where are you going?

Kain: Baron is my homeland.

He leaves. With nothing better to do, we go outside.


Oh no, it's her. The villain with no personality versus the white mage who's entire tale has focused on the development of every character except her. This will be entertaining.

Porom: Who are you!?

Mysterious Girl: Even if I told you, you wouldn't comprehend it.

Porom: You're the one who unsealed the Devil's Road, aren't you?

Mysterious Girl: Yes, to retrieve the Crystal.

Porom: Retrieve?

Mysterious Girl: Yes.

???: Hold it, you!

The elder's come outside.

Porom: Elder...!

Elder: Those who lust for power must never lay hands on the Crystal... Never again!

Mysterious Girl: I don't need you permission.

We're fighting her now. Again. The elder joins us, an he has a large selection of White Magic, but it's all pointless, as eventually she summons Ramuh.

Porom: Ramuh! Why are you doing this!?

It really doesn't help that we have no damage dealing potential, as with all the spells the elder has, he doesn't have Holy. Ramuh begins casting.

Elder: No!

Porom: Elder!

He teleports Porom out of the way, just before Judgment Bolt goes off and knocks him out.

Porom: Elder! No!

Mysterious Girl: How meaningless.

Porom: You...!!!

???: Wait.

Kain jumps in to the scene.

Porom: Kain!

Kain: Is this what you're looking for?

He's holding the Crystal.

Mysterious Girl: This is it - the real thing.

Kain: It's yours.

If you didn't see this coming after Yang's tale, you must not be paying attention. I forgive you, as I'm struggling to stay awake at this point.

Porom: Wait... Kain!?

Mysterious Girl: A wise choice.

Kain: On one condition, though.

Mysterious Girl: What?

Kain: I'll give it to you only after I finish what I set out to do.

Mysterious Girl: And what is that?

Kain: An audience with the king of Baron.

Mysterious Girl: For what purpose?

Kain: To take his life... I will kill Cecil with my own hands!

Porom: !

Mysterious Girl: Understood. Bring the Crystal with you.

She vanishes, heading towards the Devil's Road.

Porom: Kain!

He jumps away.

Porom: Elder...

Elder: ...

Porom: ... Palom... Palom!

We see the two moons again, and that's the end of the tale. Yay. After the Challenge Dungeon, we're out of crap tale territory. See you then.

Stats haven't changed since last update.


Why did they give Porom a tale if they weren't going to develop her? If they did not have any ideas they could have at least continued her and Palom being foils of each other.
JeremyKopczynski 17th Feb 12
Just so people know, I am working on the next update, I just really don't like the Challenge Dungeon or the grind so it may take a while for me to actually be motivated enough to finish it.
SomeColorMage 20th Feb 12