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I'm starting to taste the irony of Aran and Lauras partnership.

Laura levels up slowly due to needing to heal. Aran (with 22 defense as of this writing), is practically invincible to conventional enemies at this point. See what I'm getting at? At least Jill adds some variety to the mix.

Chapter 6-1 - Raise the Standard part 1: Finished.

Party: Aran held off the initial wave of foes through the mountain pass, while Jill took out the northern foes. Aran held his position, making certain that no foes got past, as Tauroneo joined him to provide an extra body. Laura kept close to Aran and Tauroneo, but had to stay back to avoid the ranged foes, while Aran picked them off one by one. After Jill got wounded fighting off the armored knights that came in from the north, Aran and Tauroneo turned to stop them, only for a wing of pegasi to fly in from the northern, southern, and western hills, forcing Tauroneo to rescue Laura until they were dealt with. Jill took down one of the pegasus knights before they could fly off to harass the others, and Aran smacked down a couple of others in one shot with a steel lance, as Tauroneo blocked off the armor knights. Once the pegasi fell, Laura was dropped, and she healed Jill, while Jill with a hammer that she looted from one of the armor knights, and Aran with a steel lance, took down the other two swiftly, before a second wing of pegasi flew in from from the southern and northern hills. Jill flew ahead and intercepted them, taking them down quickly while the others entered into the pass. After the fliers were dealt with, Aran drew out the myrmidon and armor knights guarding the exit to the pass, where Jill crushed one of them and Aran took out the other two. Jill then flushed out the thunder mages and archer on the other edge of the pass, getting blasted in the process but finishing them off quickly enough. Laura healed her, and then the group rushed the final group of soldiers, taking down all but one (who ignored the vulnerable Laura thanks to Shade), before a final wing of pegasi fle in from the eastern and northern hills. Jill hunted them down, while the remaining soldier smacked Tauroneo for a while, Laura healing him for some nice experience.

Up Next: We begin the final charge in the Terin region, where Tauroneo will take a backseat as the other three cleave through the daein forces!

Comment Question: Laura has been going slowly in training, because while I like using healers for obvious reasons, they are somewhat difficult to train due to requiring that your people get hurt first, which is obviously not something you'd prefer to happen. Todays question is; who here has trouble training healers, and why is it troublesome for you?


I have trouble training healers. I guess it's because while the offensive units can kill and gain more EXP for the kill, all healers can do is heal (I usually save all the fancy staffs for special occasions), and as the offensive units get tougher, they need healing less and less. If that makes sense.
Otherarrow 14th Feb 12
It makes a lot of sense, and is pretty much the crux of most issues when it comes to training healers. Since I like to keep my unit groups small, I usually end up with a bunch of super tough fighters, which makes healing harder when they aren't getting hurt since the stomp everything so easily.
Alfric 15th Feb 12