Let's Play FFIV: The After Years

Some Color Mage

Edge's Challenge Dungeon

We're gonna need a lot of level grinding. Hey all, it's time for Edge's Challenge Dungeon and it's not gonna be fun. First of all, we head back to Eblan, buy some stuff (in particular, a Metal Boomerang so Edge can go in the back row and Kenpo Gis for half our party), then back to the Tower of Babil to get everyone up to 30. This dungeon is absolutely brutal at our levels, so going now is out of the question. Eventually, I decide just getting Edge to 30 is enough, leaving the others at around level 27. Odds are I'll regret this later.

Challengingway is in the Eblan Inn this time. The name of the game is a Timed Mission. Clear 5 floors in 10 minutes for the best prizes, they get worse every ten minutes until we reach the half hour mark. Luckily this isn't the Wii version, as the time for the best prizes was 5 minutes. Ugh.

In addition, this area probably has the hardest monsters of the early game. Several crappy characters doesn't help. Also, don't go in on Waning Moon, the extra Attack is devastating to us. We also need lots of Hi-Potions and Pheonix Downs.

Each floor is based on another area. Floor 1 is based on the Giant of Babil (which isn't even in this game), floor 2 is the Ancient Waterway, floor 3 is the Mist Cave, and floor 4 is the Crystal Palace (At least I think it's the Crystal Palace, it's the entrance to the Lunar Subterrane). Every floor also has a few chests. Some of them can be trapped, and if one of them is, it contains a rare item.

Floor 5 is one forced battle and the treasure. My first run was 11 minutes and ended with an Ether... so close. That's not even one of the prizes.

Anyway, the best rewards and the 8 rare chests in the dungeon give a large amount of treasure. We can get (deep breath) a Killer Bow and Ashura in floor 1, a Black Belt Gi and Mythril Hammer in floor 2, a Crimson Cherry and Black Cowl in floor 3, a Chakram and Wind Spear in floor 4, and a Flame Lance, Wing Edge, Mist Wrap, Goblin Mask, Treasure Hunter, Gaia Hammer, Blitz Whip, Elixir, Kotetsu and the big three prizes at the end. Phew, that's a lot.

Our first run found three rare chests; the Mythril Hammer, Crimson Cherry and Black Cowl. So 17 out of 20 prizes left and I can rush through the Mist Cave floor in the future.

Phew, that description's over. I hate this dungeon and it hates us, so I don't care if I haven't actually described much, this hellish place doesn't deserve one. If I ever manage to get all 20 prizes, we'll continue onto the next tale. See you then.


        Izayoi: Lv 29 HP:1088 MP:140 Strength:27 Speed:27 Stamina:20 Intellect:14 Spirit:17 Attack:43 (5x62% Accuracy) Defence:24 (3x44% Evasion) Magic Defence:7 (0x9% Evasion)

Gekkou: Lv 29 HP:1470 MP:89 Strength:35 Speed:19 Stamina:30 Intellect:13 Spirit:11 Attack:70 (6x82% Accuracy) Defence:28 (2x40% Evasion) Magic Defence:7 (0x9% Evasion)

        Edge: Lv 31 HP:1462 MP:136 Strength:31 Speed:27 Stamina:26 Intellect:19 Spirit:17 Attack:66 (5x97% Accuracy) Defence:29 (3x27% Evasion) Magic Defence:7 (1x9% Evasion)

Zangetsu: Lv 28 HP:1054 MP:157 Strength:24 Speed:21 Stamina:19 Intellect:18 Spirit:11 Attack:55 (5x87% Accuracy) Defence:22 (2x40% Evasion) Magic Defence:7 (0x9% Evasion)

        Tsukinowa: Lv 30 HP:1030 MP:102 Strength:27 Speed:33 Stamina:22 Intellect:16 Spirit:14 Attack:70 (6x97% Accuracy) Defence:24 (4x42% Evasion) Magic Defence:11 (1x13% Evasion)


Well, that was frustrating as hell. Hooray for auto dash and auto battle.

Gekkou: Lv 40 HP:2460 MP:146 Strength:58 Speed:24 Stamina:45 Intellect:18 Spirit:15 Attack:89 (9x85% Accuracy) Defence:34 (3x32% Evasion) Magic Defence:7 (1x10% Evasion)

        Izayoi: Lv 40 HP:1824 MP:191 Strength:33 Speed:40 Stamina:25 Intellect:22 Spirit:26 Attack:58 (7x70% Accuracy) Defence:30 (5x69% Evasion) Magic Defence:17 (2x25% Evasion)

Edge: Lv 40 HP:2198 MP:172 Strength:40 Speed:34 Stamina:32 Intellect:25 Spirit:22 Attack:106 (8x99% Accuracy) Defence:32 (4x27% Evasion) Magic Defence:7 (2x10% Evasion)

        Tsukinowa: Lv 40 HP:1748 MP:136 Strength:38 Speed:43 Stamina:33 Intellect:21 Spirit:18 Attack:103 (7x95% Accuracy) Defence:38 (5x30% Evasion) Magic Defence:7 (2x10% Evasion)

Zangetsu: Lv 40 HP:1869 MP:222 Strength:37 Speed:28 Stamina:31 Intellect:24 Spirit:16 Attack:85 (6x90% Accuracy) Defence:33 (3x50% Evasion) Magic Defence:8 (1x12% Evasion)
SomeColorMage 1st Feb 12