Let's Play FFIV: The After Years

Some Color Mage

Troia Pub

Now, I've mentioned before that most Tails in this game are rare drops that aren't worth it. The Tail for Palom's Tale is not one of these, although it probably still isn't worth it. Although there are some other all right rewards for doing this.

To finish this up, we'll need to gather a grand total of 184,899 Gil. We've currently got 80,100. Um... To the Challenge Dungeon! When given the chance, we stop at the Mountain Floor to try and defeat Gil Birds. Gil Birds only drop 999 Gil, but that's a lot compared to most enemies around here.

When that's done, we head to the Pub. We can buy a Member's Writ for 10,000 Gil. We offer it up to the guy in the back and try to head in.

Leonora: Wait just a minute! We can't waste our time in here!

Palom: ...

We go in anyway, down to the King's Bounty Pub.

Welcome. The show is about to begin.

A few dancers run in, and then transform into old ladies! They approach Palom and grab him.

Palom: L-Leonora!

Leonora starts to run off.

Leonora: I-I-I'm sorry!

More disturbing dancing.

Palom: Aaaugh! Kn-knock it off!!!

Palom comes to some time later.

Leonora: Are... are you all right? I... um, please don't glare at me like that.

Palom's knocked down to 1 HP after that, and we can head backstage, where we find... a Lustful Lali-Ho. Great.

Leonora: What's that?

We get the chance to show it to Leonora, but if we do, she'll throw it away, so no.

Palom: Ah, don't worry about it.

Leonora: ?

There's also someone back here selling the Member's Card for 50,000 Gil. We buy it, then talk to someone in the back of the room.

Was this enough to satisfy you?

Hell no.

I didn't think so! In that case, how about a chance to continue chasing the dream? Do you have the required item?

We show off the card.

Right this way.

Down to the next floor, the Queen's Bounty Pub.

Welcome. The show is about to begin.

This better be worth it. Quite a few dancers run in and give a nice dance. They also bring Leonora up to the stage to join them. Afterwards, they all leave, leaving Leonora on a throne.

Palom: Nice job.

Leonora: This is so embarrassing.

Palom: One of the dancers was a little off, though.

Leonora: Please... just don't bring it up anymore.

There are three shops backstage. Three sell the Queen Equipment. The Queen's Whip is weak, but can inflict Pig and is needed for a Band later, and between the Tights, Mask and Gloves, we can resist all status ailments, but we'll be really frail. We buy one of each, just because we can. The last shop sells us the VIP Card for 99,999 Gil.

One of the guys at the front will let us continue.

Do you wish to press on further than before?

Yes. We're finishing this.

Wonderful! Superb! Then let us unlock the door to your wildest dreams ever! Do you have the required item?

We show off the VIP Card, and he opens the way.

Please pass through the corridor below.

Down we go to The Emperor. There's a Namingway at the door.

Congratulations on making it all the way down here. The show is about to begin! Right this way, please. Now, enjoy the show!

More dancers! They pull up both Palom and Leonora to dance with them, then put them on a couple of thrones as they spell out Palom's name through dancing, with Palom, Leonora and the Namingway joining in for the M. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Palom: That was... breathtaking.

Leonora: It certainly was. It was kind of fun, I thought.

Palom: Why don't you just drop this Epopt nonsense and just become a dancer?

Leonora: What!? I... Please don't talk like that!

Palom: I was just joking...

A chest has appeared at the entrance. Inside is the Black Tail. This'll be useful later.

Next time, we move on to the next Tale.


        Leonora: Lv 40 HP:1412 MP:307 Strength:34 Speed:19 Stamina:21 Intellect:38 Spirit:56 Attack:43 (6x85% Accuracy) Defence:34 (2x28% Evasion) Magic Defence:25 (2x34% Evasion)

        Palom: Lv 40 HP:1459 MP:406 Strngth:27 Speed:17 Stamina:23 Intellect:55 Spirit:24 Attack:41 (5x85% Accuracy) Defence:29 (2x28% Evasion) Magic Defence:22 (2x31% Evasion)


MadWritter 16th Jan 12
That sure sounds like quite a show! Alas, thanks to internet sites such as Youtube, the thrill of working hard and earning the privelage to see things such as this merry scene is quickly becoming lost to many young gamers. Why, back in my day, I...oh, never mind; I just wouldn't feel right finishing such statements unless I had grey hair and a wooden cane to swing about.
EndarkCuli 17th Jan 12