Let's Play: Eversion.

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Komm Susser Todd: Levels 4 and 5.

Without a doubt, the most horrifying screen in the game.

Hello TV Tropes! I am here today to play Eversion and liveblog it for your entertainment or lack thereof. I would just like you to know that to do this, you are taking me away from playing the excellent Persona4.

You bastards.

In all seriousness though, this game is awesome too.

As I sit at my computer, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and all in all, the world is a good place. This wonít do. I close the blinds, to block out sunlight, close the windows to block out noise and I am ready. Ready to play Eversion. On the last episode, our intrepid hero waltzed through a Sugar Bowl, murdering all in his path. We warped the fabric of reality, and watched as world eating bubbles tried to kill our cloud creature. Due to some subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints given to me in the comments, I have figured out that as I suspected, getting all of the gems in every level is a Good Thing TM, possibly leading to a ďBest EndingĒ. (Donít tell me if Iím right or wrong. Iím just making educated guesses and donít want any spoilers). I replay the first two levels without event, although I do have trouble finding the point for the second level of Eversion in the second level. On the third level, I spend 20 minutes trying to find a way to get to three gems. Eventually, I figure out that I needed to press jump at the same time as killing an enemy, and Iíll jump twice as high. Then, with all the gems collected, I move onto the next level. In this level, we are back to the Sugar Bowl. I scout ahead slightly, and discover that there is a plant blocking my path with no Eversion points in sight. I know where this is going. I head back to the innocent, smiling block and headbutt it. The effect is instantaneous. A sharp noise plays, and we head into our deepest Eversion so far. The music changes once again, and the world falls into a state of decay. At this point, I test something out. I headbutt the face block again... and nothing happens.

Iím stuck in the deepest Eversion so far.

Shrugging, I move on. I notice that no blocks give gems now, and their faces are permanently frowning with as much vigour as they were smiling previously. My enemies look different, with a purple skin, but have somehow regained the ability to move, rather than rotting away like I thought they would at deeper levels. I jump over some water and HELL HAND AND SUDDEN CREEPY NOISE FROM NOWHERE. After I recover from my shock, I notice that the hand does not harm me. Curious. Moving on, I kill an enemy, jump over another water pool and HELL HAND RETURNS. Again, it does not harm me, but this time it does not move away until I move away from the edge of the pit. As I jump over the next pit, Hell Hand strikes again. This time however, I am expecting it. I professionally collect the gems on the other side of the jump and move on. I move back to the platforms and jump. However, this time, when the Hand reaches toward me it kills me. I realise that this is because the other times, I was merely passing through its arm, whereas this time, it caught me in its hand. Putting this aside, I move on. Back at the start of the level, I notice that something shoots out of the block when I headbutt it. Looking closer, I see that the pair of objects were the blockís eyeballs. What fun. Suddenly, something hit me. Are the blocks alive? Previously, I had just thought of the faces as window dressing to emphasise the worldís fall, their faces changing as I go deeper. However, with the discovery of eyeballs, I am beginning to think that there is more to them than that. Putting that aside, I move on. I quite like the challenge that the hands give. They work well in the platforming and. Still, they lose the scare factor after the first time they appear, especially when they are in every damn pit. Just as I see the end of the level, I notice an Eversion point. This point allows me to go into a level 4 Eversion, which in turn allows me to collect gems from the (alive?) blocks. Another thing I notice, is that the Hell Hands do not appear in the level 4 Eversion. This could mean that the Hell Hands, instead of being a level specific phenomenon are actually in every pit in a level 5 Eversion. After pondering this, I end the level and unfittingly cheery music plays. I have not missed a gem so far.

When I move into level 5, I notice that I am in a level 5 Eversion. On either side of me, there are what appears to be the bases of columns, worn down. I cannot interact with them. I wonder if in a lower level Eversion, they will be partially reconstructed. Is that what an Eversion is? Moving a place forward in time? I am soon able to move into a level 4 Eversion, and do so to collect gems. The columns remain unchanged, possibly discrediting my theory.

As I move on, I discover another impassable point. This time however, I know what to look for. I soon discover a point where the sky turns almost red, and I hit the evert button.

The music in this Eversion level is very... off. It is discordant, slows down and speeds up randomly and conveys a message that there is something very wrong with this world. As it goes on, I notice that it is a horrible parody of the level 2 Eversion song. I look at my score counter, and discover that it is spazzing out, rotating through seemingly random numbers at a very fast pace. Putting that aside, I casually move over to the point where I could not pass, fall through the blocks... and die, showering what I think is blood in a curious pattern away from my spot of death. I notice that the plants I fell on had somehow become deadly, gaining spikes. I am strangely reminded of I Wanna Be the Guy. Being careful not to land on plants, I move on. Blocks now instantly vanish when I step on them, so I have to be careful not to prematurely step on any block that I may need.

I encounter my enemies again, who now look a little murderous, with an unnerving mouth, as well as one eye that constantly stares at my character. I notice that it is not just the plants that are killing me in a shower of blood, when I misjudge a jump and walk into one of them. They do however, die the same way as me. Hooray for equality! Back at the start of the level, I time my Eversion changes so that I can go down to the next area in a level four eversion and collect some gems. The music at this level is almost comforting to me now. I then have to die again, as there is an area I have to be in level 6 to pass. I am so used to the plants being in the background that I die several times when I fail to notice them. As I die once more, for a split second the screen... changes from the standard ďReady!Ē to the words ďReady to Die!Ē Unsure if I had seen it right, I died again. However, this time all was normal.


I am currently having flashbacks to the title screen of Death and Rebirth. This is only the second time in my life I have been threatened like this. Iím sure I saw it. Iím sure I am. There is no way that I was imagining things. After this incident, I pass the level without any trouble, managing to collect all the gems. I then have to hop off the computer, preventing me from continuing.

So here we are. Please leave a comment telling me what you thought of my Letís Play or how to improve it. Just please donít give me any spoilers if you have knowledge about the game. Until next time, goodbye!

NOTE: I took several other screencaps asside from the ones you can see linked on this liveblog today, but I will have to upload the rest of them later, as I am running low on time. I apologise for any inconvenience.



Just sit back, enjoy the ride, make sure to get all the gems, and brace yourself for later on. You think level 6 is bad? You haven't seen anything yet. : D
nomuru2d 22nd Dec 11
Hell Hand reminds me of the River Twygz from Super Paper Mario. Which may be the creepiest thing in any E-rated game ever.
FreezairForALimitedTime 22nd Dec 11
Considering how this is an action game rather than someting you could take your time with, I think your liveblog style is fine.
Sabbo 23rd Dec 11
Tee hee hee!

GameSpazzer 23rd Dec 11
Ah, that wonderful hand. Nothing satisfies me more than a person's reaction upon seeing that first hand popping out of a pit. For everything after that moment, the player is now aware that weird and scary [CENSORED] could come at them at any opportunity. But before that glorious event, there was no true warning of what was to come, and thus it unleashes pure, straight-from-the-soul fear within a player when it occurs.

And to me, that's nothing short of delicious! =D
EndarkCuli 23rd Dec 11
Yeah, Goomba Springboard. Another common platforming practice, too. Did you collect all the gems in labyrinth by being speedy or tricky? [cool]

You have reduced ammount of screenshots in the second part.
Ah, so you were going to upload.

*sees the date*
Adannor 12th Jan 12



Aramil 18th Jan 12 (edited by: Aramil)
Sorry about the delay. I'm working on the next part.
pyr0h1tman8 26th Jan 12
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