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Let's Play Might and Magic VI
Totemic Hero

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Chapter 60: A Taste Of Things To Come
Let's go beat down some werewolves!

Now entering the Lair of the Wolf (real imaginative name). We come into a large elongated cavern, that other than piles of skulls (we still aren't touching these), is completely empty.

We move to the next chamber to the south, which has more skull piles and, again, nothing else.

Did I miss a memo somewhere?

We head into the next chamber, which is a large round circular chamber, and we face our enemies. They are all things we have seen before. Werewolves, swordsmen, and slimes. A fun combination.

We Fireball some of the slimes from the doorway, then pull a couple of werewolves and swordsmen back. Once they're dead, we move forward and use the corner catch to Ring of Fire the lot of them.

Once they are finished, we look around the chamber. There's a magical brew, which Toblerone takes a drink of and gets more resistant. Other than that, the usual skull pile motif that this place seems to love.

Moving on, there are two paths, to the north and the south. We go north.

North leads us to a cavern filled with more slimes, which we exterminate with Ice Bolts and Fireballs. However, this drains our spell points completely, so we need to head out and rest before we head back in.

But first...what you've all been waiting for!

Character Data Report 4

Toblerone the Cavalier

Cate the Battle Mage

Huaryu the High Priest

Eno N'foretsam the Arch Druid
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