Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


A Fresh Start.

"Ah, Mr Fiveside." Professor Juniper was standing at the entrance of the Nuvema Town Lab, tossing a pokeball casually in one hand. "Welcome back to Unova." (Her actual text is just the standard professor speil)

I had just gotten off the small transfer plane, it was almost midday even though I had left at midday a few hours ago.

Pent(igan): <These time zones will be the end of me...>

(Pentigan won't fit in the trainer name entry boxes. I guess I'm well enough known in Unova that everyone calls me by my nickname this time around...)

I spent most of rest of the day going around the town meeting the locals, two in particular, a boy and a girl. I think their names were... ... ... ... Cherry and Bronco or something like that. I headed back to my booked room at a local hostel for a night's sleep...

I glanced out the window at the falling leaves, someone was jabbing my shoulder...

Cherry?: Hey, new guy! Juniper said she had a package for you while you were asleep.

Me: Not now Cherry... I'm still trying to figure out when I lost my pokeball belt, I'm really hoping I haven't left it back in Johto...

Cherry: That's what the package is about, Juniper said she found your belt next to the plane.

-At this point Bronco barges in with a small box-

Bronco: Sorry I'm late!

Cherry: ~Sigh~ Better late than never... I swear, Bronco has no sense of time...

Bronco: Here you go! -Hands me the package-

Me: Finally, I'd like to have my team ready soo... -Looks in box- There's only one pokeball in here...

Bronco: Oh, there's a note. It came off in my hand when I gave you the box. -Hands me the note-

Me: Thank you Bronco. -Reads the note-

Note From Juniper: Think of this as a proper beginning for your Unova gym challenge tour. You'll be able to have the others as you progress —Professor Juniper

Me: I wonder which one she let me have...


"Thanks, Bronco."

Hobgoblin 18th Oct 11