Fight It Out! Let's Play Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen


Scene 27: The End Nears

I did find three hidden item last time, forgot to list them.
  • Power Shield: Physical +18, Fire -8, Ice -5
  • Flame Charm: Fire +5
  • White Garb, Phys +4, White +5

Non are that great, so I sell them away for 8560 goths total. Bizen nets me 65500 goths. With that done we can move to the city of Xanadu.
This is a pretty big map. Lots of towns, lots of treasures. Fun time! The enemy has a lot of flying units. A lot of snow units too. So we have to take it slow. Most of the enemies are high Alignment too, to keep an eye on Destin's alignment. Since most of my units are at their best class, it's less a worry here - though I am still trying to evolve Debonair's gold dragon to a Platinum dragon.

Xanadu is the heartland of the Highland. This means that freeing towns here damages our reputation. Ouch! Well, not all towns, but many of them. So when Debonair frees the temple right outside the base (for V: Hierophant and a Fire Staff - Fire elemental, +3 int), he gets a less than warm welcome from the people there.
...You heathens! Barbarians! The gods will punish you for this!

Since a lot of the enemies this stage are vulnerable the fire, the weak staff can be handy for a melee unit. I equip it on Debonair. Quaalash is freed for XX: Judgement.

YOU are the Ogres! You bring nothing but the destruction of the world!

Ouch. One has to remember. Someones' Freedom fighters is always someone else's terrorist. Canopus digs up a hidden Dragon Ring (Fire +14, Str +6). Aisha frees Sanbisen for VIII: Strength.

Do you have ANY idea of what you are doing? Pigs!

Norn frees the hidden city of Pessana for VII: Chariot. There we find someone who does not think we are the scum of the earth!
The Overlord Hikash, the personal bodyguard of the Empress, awaits for you in Xanadu. The the overlord himself would be sent here... That is a sure sign that the Highlands are finished. But that is fine, the Highlands have chosen The Way of Barbarians, and that is not right.

Kallongola is freed by Canopus for XX: Judgement. Man, I have never played this game and seen SO MANY Judgement cards. Wow. There we meet someone else who can think of other things to do than insult us.
When Empress Endora first created this land, she dreamed of happiness and prosperity. However the teachings of black magic have spread and the Empress began to clutch to her power, sending anyone who disagreed with her into exile or prison. There is no justice in the Empire today. Please save the Highlands!

Norn finds two buried Mystic Rods, white elemental, str +2, intelligence +7. And then a Black Armour Phys +8, Black +4, White -3.

Destin frees Pillashcapia for 'II: Priestess.

I don't want to hear a word you dogs say. Get out of here!

A Muse is getting close to Destin, so I use the 7 Leagues Boots to warp a low Ali unit in the town to do the fighting and save Destin's alignment. Cook the Evil One, turned Vampire, meets the Muse with two griffons. Cook has two Tiamats. More than a match, her griffon cannot even do more than 1 damage to the Vampire, and that's not counting his blood kiss. Damaging the Tiamats is even harder. The defeating muse drops an agility potion. Sweet. Debonair meets three Paladins and two mages. No match for a general, his pet dragon, a cherub and a monk. Rauny is attacked by a beast master and two wyvern. Remember that Rauny is a princess, leading a unit containing Fogel. Yeah.... That does not end well for the enemy. Debonair meets a puzzling units. An angel. Two clerics. And an ice dragon. What the hell? Angels? Clerics? And one cleric is tanking? Fenril meets three eaglemen and two mages. Her cockatrice petrifies the mage. Lans frees Patos Demina for 0: Fool.

You rebels have no understanding of the glory of black magic!
Sure I do. Why do you think I have three liches in my army? Debonair meets two Samurai masters and three Paladins. Takes him two rounds to kill them all. This lets his Cherub be promoted to a Seraph. Aisha and Yushis meet a monk with two frost giants. Loudan is freed for II: Priestess.
We of the Highlands will never trust someone like you! The overlord Hikash will put you in your place!

Cook the vampire meets two Gold Dragons and a Dragoner. Canopus finds a pristine sword, white elementals. Strength + 8, Intelligence + 10. norn frees Piles Dot.

What have we done to you? If it weren't for you...!

Debonair frees Anna Pol for XVI: Tower.

Invaders! Leave the Highlands at once!

Debonair fights two clerics, a giant and a seraph, defeating them advances his Gold Dragon to a Platinum Dragon. He also finds another Agility potion. Balgenia is freed for VIII: Strength by Norn.

We of the Highlands will never bow before you!

Rather than risk my reputation bleed some more, I send Rauny to meet her dad. On her way, she fights three paladins and two samurai masters, for a HP potion.

Overlord Hikash's class is Highlander. Thankfully her is neither immortal nor immune to everything but decapitation. He is essentially like the two Dandies we've fought, except for the Physical elements. He randomly picks his attack between melee attacks, physical elemental spells like gale or acid. He has 4 such attacks. His escort is all muses, because, well, the man is a pimp. With his random attacks and the back row muses' thunder, Hikash can lay quite the smack down. But he's facing Princess Rauny, and with Fogel helping her, as well as some Tarot Cards, she holds her own and nets an easy win.

With that teary farewell, Overlord Hikash Vinzalf passes on, making Rauny Vinzalf the head of her house.

If you are paying attention, you may realize that once we kill Gares and Endora, this makes Rauny the highest ranking Highland nobility. This will have repercussion in the ending.
Still need votes! Destin or Debonair! Who will face Endora? This is now or never. Don't make me flip a coin for it people!

For Rashidi, seems Saradin won this one out!

Next time! We march on the Black Queen!


Keep on trucking. You've inspired me to give this game another chance.
gentlemanorcus 1st Jun 11
Cool. Feel free to ask if you have questions. Odds are I missed some detail somewhere. And the game isn't forthcoming for info.

However, if you want to hear the next part of the story, I recommend Ogre Battle 64. It's the same gameplay. But improved. Everything has been tuned, generally for the better, and while some additions like the class change business or the Chaos Frame can be at time confusing, it's a really good game. It has a better story, is even longer than the first. And it's on Wii (as is the original OB).

Ghilz 1st Jun 11 (edited by: Ghilz)
I've actually played Po LC. I didn't ever complete this one mostly due to the fact that when you kill enemy leader, the unit retreats to heal instead of just wandering aimlessly like in Po LC. So if there was a large battle I'd lose track of leaderless units and eventually I would just keep fighting the same units over and over, which made my reputation steadily decrease. But I'm determined not to let it happen this time.
gentlemanorcus 2nd Jun 11
Techncally, combat has no effect on reputation - its who you use to free towns that does that. The trick to TPK an enemy squad is to set your tactic to "strong". That way your squad rotates who they attack, always aiming for the healthiest, bringing the whole squad down at once in the end. That'll remind me, I'll add an in-depth view of the tactics for my next updates.

Be careful with certain events. For example, gaining the quicksilver requires high reputation. If you think you don't meet the requirement, you simply put it off till later.

Lastly, the site where I got my maps for the LP,, is full with cool tips that can help you finish the game.
Ghilz 2nd Jun 11 (edited by: Ghilz)