Let's Play (and snark at) Riviera: The Promised Land!

Shield Of Doom

More Hacking and Slashing

Previously, on Riviera...

  • Serene: Wait! We forgot something in the Four Seasons Forest!
  • Ein: Well, excuse me for being controlled by someone who's documenting all our adventures for people on the Internet and thus might misread the information in the guide.
  • Cierra: I never thought I'd see a run-on sentence like that in my life!

We now return to your regularly scheduled trainwreck.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, entering area 3-9: Royal Tomb.

The party immediately lands after some sort of fall, despite not falling from the last area. We end up on a branch with a golden egg on it. Naturally, I pick it up. After all, you'll remember that the witch lady wanted one for the staff experiment or whatever. It also gives me 2000 delicious, organically-grown points.

I then drop off the branch into a grove with some dragon-like statues in it. Cierra identifies it as the resting place of the kings of Binon, a generic past civilization that has no bearing whatsoever on the plot. Ein then makes a rather terrible joke (Ein: So, what you're trying to say is...we're surrounded by rich stiffs?).

He'll be here all week, folks. Much to our displeasure.

Anyway, after grabbing the chest on the screen (another random one; it contained another Harpie Talon for me), we move onward and encounter some butterflies. Cierra identifies them as Amberets, which supposedly like crystals. Naturally, the logical response to their presence would be to search where they are, in hopes of reaping some sort of reward.

Of course, this is Riviera, so the logical response is the wrong one. Instead, the correct course of action is to catch them through a rhythm minigame. It is vitally important that you do this. While you can get a reward for searching their location, it's nothing compared to the reward for catching them. Oh, and you also get 3000 points for catching the things, but that's not important.

There's also a statue to examine. Unfortunately, doing so causes some skeletons and ghosts to attack. I won an Estoc (tier 3 rapier) off of them, though, so I'm fine with it (it replaces the normal Rapier I've been carrying since Fia joined). This also causes a book to appear, namely the Book of Nanai, which is the next book (we're sorry that "book" no longer looks like a word). Between those and the Ice Orb I forgot to train with last time, I've got some training to do, with these results:

  • Estoc: Un Trois: Level 2, 4-hit physical non-elemental attack, power of 88

  • Book of Nanai: Eis Rune: Level 1, 1-hit magic ice-elemental attack, power of 130, unstoppable
  • Estoc: Presto: Level 3, 5-hit physical non-elemental attack, power of 74, Mot-Vit

  • Book of Nanai: Violent Blizzard: Level 2, 3-hit physical non-elemental attack, power of 101, unavoidable, randomly does extra ice damage

  • Estoc: Hell Stinger: Level 1, 1-hit physical non-elemental attack, power of 190, inaccurate
  • Ice Orb: Ice Resist: Level 1, raises everyone's ice resistance

  • Estoc: Punish: Level 1, 2-hit magic non-elemental attack, power of 100
  • Cierra: Blizzard: Level 1, 1-hit magic ice-elemental attack for 15% of the target's HP, can freeze the target
  • Book of Nanai: Frigid Zone: Level 2, 1-hit magic ice-elemental attack, power of 186, unstoppable

With that taken care of, I move forward, and we reach area 3-5: Tree Hollow. We arrive at a room that seems to go nowhere, though there's a suspiciously cracked wall. Before that, I examine a nearby random chest, which is not trapped for once (just contained another Harpie Talon, though). Anyway, the wall. I'm prompted to punch a hole in the thing by way of button mashing, after which I can leave the room and head into a hollow tree.

I head east, to the area where I would've landed if I failed to avoid falling through the floor last time. There's an egg, but I'm not allowed to break it because of what happened last time, and eggs are useless anyway. More importantly, I can examine a tree, which Lina notices an Applecot hanging from. I promptly let Lina try to shoot it down, but I fail the subsequent timing minigame. The arrow did, however, strike a bird, which is at half HP due to the pointy stick in its back. It is promptly Disaresta'd as soon as Ein's turn comes up, which would've killed it even if it had full HP.

Moving on to the actual next screen, Ein observes that the tree seems to have decayed. Fia comes to the conclusion that its the result of a potion of some sort, but it doesn't matter because we're under attack by some woodlice and a slime. The woodlice can block attacks, and the slime damages my stuff whenever it attacks, making for an annoying battle. Fortunately, neither one has anything of interest, though I still at least get an A rank.

I then examine a suspicious beehive on the ceiling, which Serene promptly cuts down. Fia identifies the bees as being aggressive Kredna bees (not that it matters what kind of bee it is when you attack its hive), but I fail to escape and we get stung. Now, I can take the hive as a weapon, or I can burn it. The latter option gets me 1500 points, so I take it.

Anyway, we then move on out of the area, and that's where I'll leave you for today.


I wonder, is there any particular reason why insects are so powerful in the world of video games? First there's the amazing termites from the Ogre Battle liveblog, and now there's a beehive that can wound the sacred and the profane...whichever the boss of the chapter happens to be, I suppose. That's rather impressive for something you can murder with a flyswatter...
EndarkCuli 23rd May 11