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The Actual Book's Introduction

Copyright information aside, the book begins with Black Library's standard "In the Grim Darkness of the future there is only war" speech, which I have a feeling that it would be overly serious in a book like this. We then move on to Sandy Mitchell's introduction. Apparently, the Ciaphas (pronounced "kai-a-fass") originaly appeared in a one-off short story called Fight or Flight in the Inferno Magazine. It was so high recieved that he was asked if he could do a story about Cain for the Black Library, and soon an entire series was written about him. Mitchelll managed to make the series humourous was by using Cain's dry and sardonic voice, and the reason it succeeded so well was because of the solidly developed background.

We then move on to Mitchell's thanks: his editors, and the author of the covers.

He then moves on to an explaination of all the footnotes; since the story is told from first person, he needed an editorial voice which would add some more material explainations. Michell then writes about how he enjoyed writing about the supporting character (Jurgen in particular).

In the final paragraph, he remarks about how he doesn't know whether he [Cain] really is a coward or more brave than he gives himself credit for. He might have been the creator of the character, but Cain was also initally inspired by Blackadder and Flashman, but he's become enough of a personality in his own right to even suprise Mitchell!


You had a troll on the other page, I hope you don't mind getting flagged for such. I'm looking forward to this as it's a series I enjoy.
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