Liveblog: Pokemon Yellow minus pokeballs


Chapter 8: Early Late Bloomers

{Yellow continues exploring Routes 24 and 25}

Jr. Trainer: I saw your feat from the grass! (Lv 14 Rattata, Lv 14 Ekans)

{Magikarp and Pikachu take on Rattata, and Magikarp and Charmander finish off Ekans.}

Charmander: Yes! Victory is mine! Haha!

Pikachu: (Yikes) Settle down, there!

Charmander: *wince* Yes ma'am.

{Magikarp grows to Level 17}

Jr. Trainer: I thought not!

Yellow: Nice job, Charmander. Now yet me use this Andtidote...

Charmander: Hm?

Jr. Trainer: I hid because the people on the bridge scared me.

Hiker: I just got down from Mt. Moon, but I'm ready! (Lv 15 Machop, Lv 15 Geodude.)

{Magikarp and Pikachu take down Machop, and Magikarp and Bulbasaur defeat Geodude.}

Hiker: You worked hard!

Yellow: Nice job, Bulbasaur. I'm pretty sure you're the only one of the team who could have won that easily.

Bulbasaur: ...Thanks.

{Bulbasaur grows to Level 15}

Hiker: You're going to see Bill? First, let's fight! (Lv 17 Onix)

{Bulbasaur switches in and wins with one strike.}

Hiker: You're something. By the way, that trail to the south you see is a one-way shortcut to Cerulean City.

Youngster: Local trainers come here to practice! (Rattata Lv 15, Spearow Lv 15}

{Magikarp and Pikachu win easily, despite taking heavy damage.}

Youngster: You're decent! All Pokemon have weaknesses. It's best to raise different kinds.

Pikachu: Yes, despite never losing a battle, we've learned that lesson too.

Youngster: Dad took me to a great party on S.S. Anne at Vermillion City! (Slowpoke, Lv 17)

{Magikarp and Pikachu defeat the Slowpoke, although it has a powerful Confusion Attack.}

Youngster: I'm not mad! On S.S. Anne, I saw trainers from around the world.

Lass: Hi! My boyfriend is cool! (Lv 15 Nidoran m, Lv 15 Nidoran f)

{Magikarp and Bulbasaur win, with a little support.}

Lass: I'm in a slump! I wish my guy was as good as you!

Hiker: I'm off to see a Pokemon collector at the cape! (Lv 13 Geodude, Lv 13 Geodude, Lv 13 Machop, Lv 13 Geodude.)

{Magikarp and Bulbasaur both gain levels from fighting the first Geodude. Charmander takes on the second, growing to Level 11. Pikachu fights off Machop, And Bulbasaur finishes off the last Geodude.}

Charmander: It looks like that trainer was right, a good trainer can help a Pokemon overcome bad situations. I only wish I understood where these bursts of energy came from...

Pikachu: They're called "potions". I cannot understand how Yellow makes them work, but the real question is why no other trainers have used them.

Hiker: You got me.

Yellow: Nice job team- What??

{Yellow has to shade his eyes as Bulbasaur glows intensely, being reshaped and growing as the bulb blooms. When the glow finally dies down...}

Ivysaur: It is done.

{Bulbasaur has evolved into Ivysaur.}

Pikachu: ...Ivysaur, are you well?

Ivysaur: Better than ever before. It feels... like I'm finally strong enough. Can you understand?

Pikachu: No, I'm afraid not. But then, Pikachu's evolution is unnatural, and I don't plan to ever go through it.

Ivysaur: Your loss, then. But this, is perfectly natural.

Yellow: Congratulations, Ivysaur! Now, I get the feeling I should use these Rare Candies I found...

{Magikarp is elevated to Level 20! It also glows with Evolution, growing from a carp, into a gigantic Sea Serpent!}

{Gyarados learned Bite}

Gyarados: Gwa ha ha! Witness my rebirth!

Pikachu: Gyarados!

Gyarados: Ah, Pikachu! Yellow! And you as well, Ivysaur and Charmander! I owe you for assisting this in happening! Should you ever need my power, you need only ask!

Yellow: ...Unbelievable... The only thing he needs is a move that matches his type. This should work now...

{Yellow boots up TM 12 and teaches Gyarados Water Gun. Gyarados is then returned to it's poke ball}

Pikachu: ...That was intense...

Ivysaur: Agreed...

Charmander: No kidding... I really don't measure up.

Yellow: Well, now that Magikarp doesn't need protecting anymore, I guess I should rearrange the party. Charmander, You're up first now, but the others can still help you out in a pinch.

Charmander: (Is that what all the switching was about? I didn't understand the point of it till now...)

Pikachu: You will catch up soon. Just promise that you won't go insane once you do.

Charmander: I think I can do that.

{After a trip back to Cerulean, Yellow continues on through Route 25.}

Jr. Trainer: I'm a cool guy. I've got a girlfriend! (Lv 14 Rattata, Lv 14 Ekans)

{Gyarados takes little damage from Rattata's Hyper Fang, and fells it with one attack. Charmander and Ivysaur contribute equally to the defeat of Ekans. Charmander grows to level 12.}

Ivysaur: Tell me, Charmander, you fought another Rock Trainer before?

Charmander: Yeah, it was in the mountains. He called himself The Brock, or something...

Ivysaur: "I've heard of him. He's a trainer respected throughout the land, despite his lack of strength. What did he say?''

Charmander: He said that I could have won, if my trainer cared enough to help me and kept me healed up, instead of only raising his other Poemon. He went on to say a lot of things I couldn't understand, but my old trainer seemed depressed afterward...

Ivysaur: I see... (Well, not quite. Without details, I can't pass judgement.)

Jr. Trainer: Aww, darn...Oh well. My girl will cheer me up.

{The Jr. Trainer had been blocking a small grove. Yellow finds a Tm for Seismic Toss inside.}

Youngster: I knew I had to fight you! (Lv 14 Ekans, Lv 14 Sandshrew.}

{Charmander grows to level 13.}

Youngster: I knew I'd lose too!

Lass: My friend has a cute Pokemon. I'm so jealous! (Lv 13 Oddish, Lv 13 Pidgey, Lv 13 Oddish)

{Charmander grows to level 14.}

Lass: I'm not so jealous! You came from Mt. Moon? May I have a Clefairy?

Yellow: Sorry, but I didn't catch any.

Sign: Sea Cottage! Bill lives here!

Yellow: Ah, here we are!

{Inside, Pikachu runs over to a strange creature}

Pikachu: ? Pikapika...pikachu? Huh? What is this? It doesn't seem like a pokemon...

Creature: Hiya! I'm a pokemon... I'm not! Call me Bill! I'm a true blue Pokemaniac!

Yellow: ...

Bill?: Hey! What's with that skeptical look? I'm not joshing you, I screwed up an experiment and got combined with a Pokemon!

Yellow: (Well, he's worked with storing Pokemon as data. I guess this isn't too much of a stretch.)

Bill: So, how about it? Help me out here!

Yellow: I'll do what I can.

Bill: When I'm n the teleporter, go to my PC and run the Cell Seperation System!

{Bill walks into the left teleporter. The door is opaque.}

Pikachu: Piikaah... He was combined with a pokemon? How's that possible? Hey, can you understand me?

Yellow: Okay, I'll give this a shot. Running Teleporter's Cell Seperator!

{The teleporter makes some strange noises. After five seconds, a human Bill walks out of the right Teleporter.}

Pikachu: ! Pipikachu! Aauh! It works!

Bill: Yeehah! Thanks, bud! I owe you one!

Yellow: You know, I have to ask. What happened to the Pokemon?

Bill: Well, the problem came from trying to reconstruct two things at once. I made the cell separator before these experiments where I tried to fix that problem, so it didn't even try it. It's stored on the computer, although I'll have to get it out before I try anything like this again... So! Did you come to see my Pokemon collection?

Yellow: Actually, no. (I'm not trying to fill the Pokedex at the moment.)

Bill: You didn't? That's a bummer. I've got to thank you somehow... Oh, here, maybe this'll do. It's a ticket for a party on the luxury liner S.S. Anne. It's in the harbor at Vermillion City. And it's passengers are all trainers! They invited me to their party, but I can't stand fancy do's. Why don't you go instead of me? (Actually, I was allowed to bring a guest too. I wonder where the other one went...)

Yellow: Maybe I'll check it out. Come along, Pikachu.

Pikachu: I do not understand any of this...


May, I had forgotten about that Charmander. Yellow was pretty cool, pity it never got remade.
Ratix 12th May 11
A free Charmander too ? Wow...
Jhiday 12th May 11