Fight It Out! Let's Play Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen


Interlude: The Road Ahead

With Fogel recruited, our task now comes to tuning our units before we face Endora and Rashidi. The goal is to finish with 10 units which will include all 17 Heroes I currently have. These 10 units will then face the bosses of the two last stages. Including the next stage, there's 5 stages between us and Endora's and Rashidi's.

Outside of random drops, we also have most of our unit upgrading items. Most the remaining ones now are random drops I can't predict.

So, this leaves me with a little poll I want to run... Who will fight Endora and Rashidi? Several characters have beefs with them, but there's only so many evil tyrants to go around.

People with special dialogues for Endora are:
  • Destin, who started this whole rebellion. Only natural he ends it!
  • Debonair, who once wanted to let her see the light. Should he be the one to make her pay for her evil ways?

If Debonair and Destin are the in the same squad, the game defaults to Destin.

Rashidi's got a line up of people gunning for him!
  • Destin: Again, Destin was gunning to kill both Rashidi and Endora. Why stop at one?
  • Tristan: Rashidi is behind the murder of his family. Rashidi was also King Gran's friend, whom he betrayed! Tristan has some revenge going on!
  • Saradin: He spent a few years in stone after Rashidi betrayed him. Saradin also tried to warn Rashidi against the dangers of his evil path. Time for Saradin to deliver the punishment.
  • Yushis: Rashidi seduced her sister, corrupting her and making her fall from grace. Because of him, angels have fought angels, in an unheard-of before conflict. Yushis herself was imprisoned when she tried to rescue her sister Mizal, and in the end all she could do is kill Mizal and see her die in her own arms! This isn't just revenge, it's divine justice.

If you are curious, two or more of the 4 people are in the same unit, the order of priority on who gets to chat with Rashidi is Destin > Tristan > Yushis > Saradin.

So cast your vote! There's technically a fight with Gares also, but I am saving this one for Aisha. You have five updates to decide, because by Scene 28: Ogre Battle, we get down to it!


I say Debonair for Endora. I'll decide on Rashidi later.
gentlemanorcus 11th May 11
There's a way you can see more than one dialogue. As long as you don't beat the boss with your unit (retreat etc.), you can use another unit to fight the boss and see the dialogue for that unit.
nightwyrm_zero 11th May 11
I am aware of that, but that can be rather annoying, especially when I have to film the thing since it requires doing 4 times with Rashidi, and there's an infinite number of squads spawning from him who can interrupt the proceedings.

Plus, more fun for me this way!
Ghilz 11th May 11 (edited by: Ghilz)
For Endora, I'm voting for Destin. Considering that he's the hero of the rebellion, I think that the last time he had any important dialogue was back when you recruited Tristan. My memory might be a tad off, though...

As for Rashidi...that's certainly a lot of choices, though I wonder why the Dragoons don't want to rant at him about being cursed to do his evil. As for which person I pick, I can't decide between Saradin and Yushis. If either one ends up in a tie once the voting is over, my vote will be for that person. However, if the tie is between the two of them, I'd slightly favour Saradin because of his direct connection to the villain and the Pupil vs. Mentor imagery.
EndarkCuli 11th May 11