Fight It Out! Let's Play Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen


Scene 20: Angel

Antanjyl is another "Bonus" stage. Bonus as in you need a chaos gate to go there.
Scene 20: Angel

Look at this! Yup, all the towns save one are hidden. The good news is that intercepting the enemy units easy - send the bulk of your army in Inohngo. Flyers should go. Most units are very low alignment here, so that is good.

But you think things were easy? Oh no! There is is our first enemy lich here! As well as Sylphs* ! There's Werewolves, Tigermen, and even Vampyres! And a lot of them!

Fenril and Slusts are in flying units, sent first to claim Inohngo while my land units - Aisha, Ashe and two more, make their way there the slow way. Canopus and Gilbert's units go north to free the hidden towns.

Inohngo is freed by the two High Knights. We pulls XXI: World. Good card, we need those alot, especially for the last stretch of the game.
Hee, hee, hee!... Welcome ! Hee, hee! Inohngo is a town formed by those who made a pact with a demon during the last Ogre Battle.
Wonder if any shat their pants at seeing both Slust and Fenril arrive?
When Galf the black was sealed in the earth, we were sent along! The seal runs along the mountains to the north and we are not able to cross it. As a matter of fact, how did you get in here? Please let us out of here! We can't stand this place!
That explains all the hidden towns in the mountains, and the temples who basically form a line south of the towns. The temple must form the seal.

Bossan is freed by Canopus for IV: Emperor. The citizen warn us that the stage boss, Galf, has vampires for his escort. Thus we should attack him during daylight. Good advice! The easternmost temple is freed for XVIII: Moon
Galf is one of the generals of the underworld from the time of the Ogre Battle. Thanks to the three High Knight, he lost his power and is imprisoned here. Our temple is dedicated to making sure the seal is never broken!
This is followed by Yaunde for XIII: Death which I turn down.
I heard there is no one alive on the other side of the mountains. Is that true? Rumor is that there is only ghosts and skeletons in the forests around the lake!
Slust meets three vampires and a griffon during daytime. Poor guys don't know what just happened. This is followed by three mages, two tanking (?) with two sylphs. I use a charm item to steal the sylphs before Slust gets in combat and kills em. Fenril meets two zombie dragons and a witch, the squad petrifies the witch before she can use stun. This is followed by three vampyres at night with a griffon. The back row vampyres are petrified before they can charm my units against me. Ashe looses a Dollmaster to two Zombie Dragons, but gives em hell for it. The second temple is freed for XIV: Temperance and a white garb!
I am staying around to make sure Galf's seal stays sealed! Galf has lost his powers and cannot get out of his prison.
Powant Noal is freed next for VII: Chariot
Rashidi wants to use the power of the black diamond to rule the continent! How could he get the black diamond? It was hidden by the gods!

The third temple nets us I: Magician.
It seems Galf and Rashidi made some sort of agreement. Now Galf is down there in the castle with a bunch of imperial troops and undeads!

Muahna is freed for XIX: Sun. The change to daylight is welcomed as it weakens all the undeads!
I heard Rashidi is looking for the black Diamond. If you want to know more about the Black Diamond, go to Kinshasha.

Two vampires and three werewolves make it to the base JUST after the sun card changes the clock. Lets just say Destin's squad does not break a sweat. Oshong is freed by Gilbert for III: Empress.
There is now no way that Galf could break his bonds under his own powers. But if someone were to give him more power and make a pact...

Fenril meets a sorceror and four phantoms. Her Cockatrice petrifies the sorceror while her monk kills the undeads. Popan Court is freed for IV: Emperor
We are merchants dealing in exotic weapons from around the world. You won't be attacked by monsters and evil spirits on this side of the mountains!

The last temple is freed, I don't draw a card since my deck is full.
Rashidi wants to free Galf from here! If that happens, then the world will be plunged into darkness! Please! Use your powers to stop Galf!

Gibbot is freed, then Kinshasha, still no draw. I notice I have not met the Lich unit, and fear it may be heading for Destin...
Have you heard about the traitor mage? He was the 13th white mage. His name was Dulude. Dulude was the most talented of the 12 mages. He had mastered white magic, and wanted even greater powers, black magic. The other mages were afraid of his powers, and sealed it into a gem. No one knows what happened to Dulude after he lost his powers. The High Knights replaced him with another mage and restored the number to 12. The gem which contains Dulude's powers, the black Diamond, not only gives its owner incredible powers but allows him to make pacts with demons.

And the Lich engages Destin. He is escorted by 4 Wraiths. Thankfully, Destin's Shaman goes first, killing them. Destin, using Brunhild, then kills the Lich before it can even get it's first spell off! Destin's cleric becomes a monk! Aisha meets a mage and 4 phantoms, and TP Ks the whole squad with a single Starlite. I tune up Aisha's unit. Since I want her to fight Galf, why not transfer, temporarily, Slusts and Fenril to her squad? Only fair that the High Knights help fight Galf again.

The first treasure is black charm; str +8, int -4 black +13, white -16. The second is a Dragon ring, str +6, fire +14.

Plus, a princess leading dragoons? I have goosebumps just thinking about it! Destin meets two vampires and three werewolves. At night this time. No, it doesn't really change things for them.

Turns out that town lied, and Galf has Phantoms with him. Well, had. One Starlite devastates his army, leaving him opened to the onslaughts from Fenril and Slust.

With the return to the game screen, I put Slust and Fenril back in their squads.

Next time: Twins Basil! Twins!


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