Fight It Out! Let's Play Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen


Scene 3: Revolution

Back on the world map, I've got some work to do. Destin's unit has shot from level 1 to level 4. This has caused his Amazon to be available for a promotion as a cleric. So I promote her, then swap her to another squad, bringing in a Valkyrie to fill her slot, as I had a squad with two Valkyries.

Two of my soldiers are also up for promotion as Wizards, but since they aren't in low ali squads, we will wait till they get more available choices.

Anyway, off we go to Sharom District.

Scene 3: Revolution


We deploy our high alignment units to free towns. We're not gonna draw any tarot cards because this stage, our reputation matters. We send flyers go to the western islands. The NW temple nets us the Glaive of Benkay, STR+12, no element. No too shabby. The NE temple gives us the plate of Neil, +7 to physical resistance. We also get some advice.

Welcome to our temple. You will probably come across thieves and under unsavory characters in your travel. It's up to you if you want to go along with their schemes, but remember the eyes of the people of Zenobia are on you.

Meanwhile, in the town of Vannu, we hear rumors about the local boss, Gilbert.
Gilbert used to be a kind man. But when king Gran was assassinated, he changed. Now he's as a cold as ice...

The town of Bah'wahl gives us a rumor.
A warrior called the Wind Rider lives in this town.

Buried Treasure 1 is a Mystic Veil, + 7 fire resist, +11 ice resist, and +5 white magic. Niiiice.

Buried Treasure 2 is a Dragon's Claw. +5 Strength.

The town of Latingurue nets us another rumor...

How could a wonderful warrior like Gilbert sell out to the empire? It seems there was a warrior called the Wind Rider in the army led by Gilbert. His name was Canopus. I wonder if he would know something about what happened?

Wind Rider? I heard that name before... So we return to Bah'wahl, where a winged man meets us.
So you're that group of barbarians, the "rebel forces" huh?What do you think you're fighting for? Honour?
Barbarian? You should know I personally beat the crap out of an old man whom I outnumbered 1 to 5 to lead this army. Oh wait... I guess honor is off the table. So No.
For Freedom then?
Sure, that sounds like a reason for my hatred of the elderly. Let's go with that one... "Yes"
Just what is freedom to you? A classless society? Can you be so idealistic as to believe in a society where everyone is equal? People live only because they want to be happier than other people. To be better off than other people. Classes are vital! People cannot be happy or hope for a better future without classes!
Dude. I said FREEDOM. Not Equality. Seriously.
Anyway, I've given up fighting. Whether this continent is ruled by the rebels or by the empire is no concern of mine.
Well you were hopeless. And kind of a dick!

Back to Latingurue. I'm going to give a piece of my mind to whoever sent me to talk to that dick.
It seems Canopus had a sister. Her name was Yulia I think... Maybe Yulia knows why Canopus has given up fighting.

Well where can she have gone? She's not in any town I've visited. Speaking of which, the people of Chang'Ga have a clue to offer:

There was a temple hidden west of Parcival... A really cute girl lives there too! What was her name? Yulia, maybe...

Let's go check it out.

I am Yulia, Sister of Canopus. Gilbert and my brother were best of friends when they were young. But when the empire came, my brother wanted to fight to the end, ...and Gilbert wanted only to protect his people. The quarreled and haven't spoken since. I'm sure you are strong enough to easily defeat Gilbert. Actually that's what Gilbert wants. He's a very proud warrior. He can't forgive himself for giving in to the Empire and throwing away all he believed in. My brother knows that, but he can't bring himself to forgive Gilbert. Please will you help me save these two?
Sure. I got time.
Thank you. Take this "Wing of Victory". This was given to them by King Gran. It should re-awaken his pride. Please give my brother a chance to save Gilbert!

Back to Bah'wahl we go! By the way, Treasure #3 is a "Samurai Armor". +5 physical resistance. Meh... A defeated enemy squad gives us a "Stone of Dragos". This stone will turn a Beast Master into a Dragoner, who can recruit dragons and be less useless than the crappy beast master... Hrrrm if only I had a badass enough Beastman to use it on...

Anyway back to Canopus:

The Wing of Victory... So you've met my sister. Gilbert and I were very close. We swore to be friends until death... But he threw all his beliefs in the face of the Empire. And joined them to save his people. No I don't blame him. I understand how he feels so well that it hurts. I can't allow Gilbert to be killed. He saved my life, once. I must stop him. It's my turn to save his life.

With that Canopus joins our party. He's an eagleman, an evolved version of the Hawkman class, which make up the bulk of his squad. They SUCK. Low damage, low health and never more than two attacks. Only perks they have is high agility (thus high speed and evasion) and low sky movement mode. Still, they are terrible, even their improved versions, so only one we will want to keep is Canopus. Sad news is, Canopus cannot be made another class either... Oh well. We deploy Canopus and send him to Percival to meet Gilbert.

Why must you rebel against the Empire? I understand why you hate them. I feel the same. However, I must protect my people and the peace of Sharom. If you insist on destroying that peace, I must stop you!
Gilbert is a beastman, he has two wyrms with him. None acting as a tank to defend him however, which makes him easy. He's not hard to beat, though it may take a few rounds. In my case, it takes 3. When defeated, Gilbert and Canopus have things to say.

Gilbert: I had thought that to stop fighting the Empire was the best thing for my land. However I now see it's a false peace is not peace at all. It's just a lie.
Canopus: Wait, everyone! Gilbert didn't bow to the Empire because he wanted to! Please understand his side of the story!
Sure. I am in a forgiving mood.
Gilbert: You'll forgive me?... Thank you! I pledge my life to you, Destin!

Gilbert joins our group, and that, Tactic Ogre Players, is this the origin of Gilbert and Canopus Wolf. Feel free to squee.

Defeating Gilbert nets us 52076 Goths. Revisiting the map lets us greet Babaloa the Witch, she tells us some backstory. How Rashidi the Empress' mage and Gran were part of a group of 5 legendary heroes who protected the land, before Rashidi turned on him. She also tells you the empire's 4 top generals are called the Four Devas. Lastly, Gran had two sons, Jan and Tristan, who are both presumed to have died with the royal family.

On the post-game unit organization screen, I plan use the stone of Dragos on Gilbert. Usually I demote him to a soldier then promote him to a knight, but he'll keep his class till level 12. His wyrms can be used to make more High sky units, or use them to replace your griffons, as wyrms are better in every aspect. This is what I do. Gilbert is moved to a Low Ali unit. Canopus' unit is kept intact for now, till I can have more people and swap out is damn hawkmen. A soldier in my team of two wizards is up for being promoted to wizard, so I do that and move him to the back row. This the first time we have more than one destination on the world map. Choices ahead!

Next time: We have our own ghost stories


Canopus' lines about classes and equality kind of remind me of Lans Tartare from LUCT.
gentlemanorcus 22nd Apr 11
Man, Canopus was such a pain to recruit.
Javer 16th Oct 11