When Worlds Collide: Triple Liveblog Edition

Psyga 315

Happily Ever After, Assistance, and The Resolution

So, when we last left off, Maliss is defeated, All Four Den-O arrive to fight the villains, and Pooh faces Jafar with Kotaro on his side.


Oh wait. Wrong clip. Here we go.


So Jafar captures Pooh. Don’t tell me what happens. I already know. Aladdin comes in, gives Ash the lamp to use on Jafar, and Jafar is imprisoned until the next Pooh’s Adventures. How right am I? Very right. Right down to the lines they use. Including Tigger’s “Back to Mr. Burns With you!” What? Is that old man from The Simpsons in the lamp too? Arg... So New Den-O throws away the lamp. So... OH COME ON! A VIDEO CAPTURE OF A POKEMON EPISODE? Movie over? Nope! WE GOT THE POTATO SACK TO FIGHT NOW! He captures the lot of Pooh and his Friends.

Good Fairy: Now what do we do?

Rabbit: Let me answer that by saying... HELL!!!!

Lol. So Jack and Momotaros (Den-O’s sword form) confront Oogie Boogie as he’s defeated in a way the Fanfiction Critic declares the nastiest Disney Villain death ever. I am sorry for subjecting you to this, Fanfiction Critic, I know how much you hate Nightmare Before Christmas fan fic. Oh, and Momotaros slashes Oogie Boogie to death. Bowser leaves. Uh, dude, you have Cyber-Zilla, your son, your wife, and your son’s girlfriend left. I think you can take them on. But no, he leaves.

We then return to the actual plot that is Happily Ever After, which so far, is a great lie. Orko is dead, the Dwarfelles save for Thunderella are turned to stone, and we still don’t know where the prince is. No wait, the Dwarfelles return to normal. No Ontological Inertia much? As for Orko, I’ll just wait for the Swiss Army Tears to come and bring him back to life. Yeah, and you think that Really Dead Montage where you used the briefest clips of Snow White and Orko was gonna convince me Filmation? CLANNAD, you are not. Oh, and Orko is really the Prince. What? WHAT? Fuck it. I Knew It!. The Prince asks Kotaro who he is; he just claims that he’s just a friend. Sunburn’s line fits the usefulness of the Dwarfelles.

Sunburn: Some of us were a little more helpful than others.

This is so true. Some of the Dwarfelles don’t even use their powers to fight Maliss. I guess that counts as abuse I guess. Oh, and Mother Nature tells them that the Dwarfelles will return to their old jobs. Even though they didn’t really prove to Mother Nature that they can work together. At least Animus had to be convinced if the rangers can still fight to protect the earth, even if it is just a lie to cover his ass. Oh and Sunburn takes Scowl’s cigar, which apparently heals Scowl as he is able to breathe. Makes as much sense as Orko being the Prince. So they Face–Heel Turn as this plays in my head. The Prince asks if Snow White is ready to live happily ever after. She nods and they kiss, not knowing that they live happily ever after until Disney runs out of cash, at which point they need to make another sequel. Funny though, as the people who actually made this, Filmation, went bankrupt as soon as this came out.

The story ends with Kotaro, Teddy, Ryotaro and his Imajin leaving the World Of Snow White, with their Den-Liners making a heart.


Where do I begin? It’s a little hard to split three things I combined to grade them individually, so these reviews will be brief. I guess I will start with Happily Ever After. It was fun, but bland. As a Direct Sequel, it fails. As an Indirect Sequel, it seems plausible. It’s pretty much like every other Direct-to-DVD Disney Sequel. It does feel Darker and Edgier though, but it feels average for me. It could have been worse though. Oh, and Orko for the win.

Pooh’s Adventures on the other hand improved quite a bit from my last experiences with it, but it still fails on certain levels. First, a good thing about Pooh’s Adventures is that it didn’t make me really angry like the others, but the problem is that the closest point in which it does was when it rips off a scene from another Pooh’s Adventures. The same problems are there, like certain characters not being able to use powers because the plot says so, at least until the fight, but again, it’s downright copied. Also a problem is the fact that They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot. Remember when Bowser told the others of Pooh’s Friends and how I mentioned that he’s setting up a fight? Well, that would have been better than the copied fight. I am sorry I cannot get over that. However, it would be sadder if that fight happens all the time whenever Hades, Jafar, Ursula, and Maleficent get together. If I did not see the 101 Dalmatians fight though, then I would say it was the best Pooh’s Adventure’s fight ever.

The side story with NEW Den-O is probably my favorite part. Kotaro is immune to the restrictions to the plot, as he kills one of the wolves when everyone else would rather run, not to mention his (and his grandfather’s) additions to the fight scene were a breath of fresh-air that helped me forget that this was a copied fight.

As a whole, however, this was not the worst Pooh’s Adventures, but it could be worse. Happily Ever After and New Den-O seem to negate the suckiness though, so it’s not as bad as the other two. So yeah, because not a lot of things made me angry, this stacks up as the best Pooh’s Adventures I livebloged. Well played Bowsermovies1989, Filmation, and tbromyard90, well played. Well, see you all later.


I know you appreciate what I've written but some people think I clog up the comments. I'm considering switching to Word so I don't anger anyone further and they end up trying to get me banned. What do you think? 7th May 11
Hm... I don't know. I don't think you could get banned for pissing people off (although they might try to flag it under spam, even though it's not). I guess stick to what you do best.
Psyga315 8th May 11
You know looking back, the comment story I wrote suddenly reminds me of Birth By Sleep (particularly Terra's segment in the Cinderella world). You have a princess and a prince, but then you have another good-looking male passing through and helping her, while not being a prince himself, and not conflicting with her love life. 28th Aug 11
Ah, I can see what you mean.
Psyga315 21st Oct 11
Hey, I got another pooh adventure for you to review: Pooh and Ash's Adventures of Scooby Doo and the Headless Horseman of Halloween. It's got plenty of stuff for you to pick out, and there's going to be a LOT of things being replayed from previous episodes. What do you think? 13th Feb 12
Ironically, I was just considering riffing on that at some point, however there are a few things stopping me form doing that. One of them being that it's not finished, and the other being how I should go about it. That, and I tried watching it to see what material there is and it seems to be a bit boring for my tastes. It's a 25%er for me.
Psyga315 13th Feb 12 (edited by: Psyga315)