When Worlds Collide: Triple Liveblog Edition

Psyga 315

Running Away, Flying Off, and Killing Wolves

So, when we last left off our heroes, The Dwarfelles are given one last chance, Pooh and his Friends travel into a cave where they meet freaking Orko, and Kotaro tried to attack Bowser with no avail.

Part 6 of Nine. Halfway done.

So Maliss gloats on how he will have his revenge and the AiW!Mirror says that Snow White can’t get into the palace due to the fog.

Iago: When are we gonna these guys?

Oh great, Pooh’s Adventures just made their own version of the “Why Can’t Anyone Her Horns” meme. Bowser, who is the Big Bad being in charge, asks his son what the plan is. Thankfully, Maliss has this covered. How? GAH! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? Okay, back to Scowl and Batso, they are hiding from Maliss in the one place where he will never find them. Which is a room filled with rhino-wolves that Maliss goes over to recruit. He tells the wolves to find Snow White and that they can do whatever they want to the Dwarfelles. Do I even have to poke fun at that? So the wolves leave and Batso sneezes, causing Scowl to land in Maliss’ hands. There is a funny joke with Mistress 9 calling Scowl a birdbrain and then saying no offence to Duke. Maliss then takes Scowl, saying that he has something to be entertained by for the next few hours. So yes, Scowl is now the Butt-Monkey again. Okay, I’m convinced Ankh and Scowl are related somehow.

Batso: I bet Scowl really ha-

Bowser: Malice (sic) may need some help.

Woah! What in the! You cut Batso off! Sigh, anyways, Bowser summons... MechaCyber-Zilla? The Godzilla from the 1998 movie that was converted into a robot in the animated series? Sign me up!

So we resume back to Snow White, Pooh, And Kotaro, a tiny dragon comes up and pisses off Critterina. Oh, and Sunburn’s ass burns. Blossom abuses her powers to make flowers appear. They wilt almost instantly. Snow White tells Blossom that she’s pretty useless (in a non-insulting way of course). Ash finally asks Mewtwo how he met Duke.

Mewtwo: It all started when we met this woman named Ariel.

Oh boy, here we go. I know how this story ends. I bet that Mewtwo and Duke met her and they both fell in love with her-

Good Fairy: Pooh Bear and his friends met her as a Mermaid.

Oh. That Ariel. So they recount the events of its sequel, Return To The Sea, where King Triton zaps Duke to the sky as he explodes. There is no freaking way Duke lived. Also, why couldn’t he do that to Morgana instead of having her in a Fate Worse Than Death? Misty comments on how it was a great story. Note how I summed up the story in one sentence. Moving on, we see that the wolves and Cyber-Zilla have cornered our heroes. We finally have the gasp, but I personally think this one suits the situation better. (Say thanks to jabbarw1 for non-directly telling me about this in his liveblog).

NEW Den-O fights and kills one of the wolves in about five seconds (no, really, his buddy counts the seconds down before Kotaro lays the final blow onto his enemies from time to time) which explodes. Ash casts off (TheBee, along with most of the Kabuto Riders save for five, starts out in a bulky form and can “cast off” the armor for faster movement) and they continue the fight. Critterina tries to tell the wolves to leave them alone. Yeah, right. If I recall, wolves are pretty much a pack, mess with one, you mess with all. There is a reason why the protective father trope is called Papa Wolf. Why am I bringing this up? Well, if you were asleep like Moonbeam was, allow me to recap: One of the wolves was killed. I do not think they will be backing off from that. In fact, they look like they want a tasty snack in the form of the Dwarfelles. Zilla comes out to fight his father... not, as Snow White and Pooh do what they do best. Run. Despite the fact that just a few seconds ago, one of them downright kills a wolf. Remember that battle I mentioned in the last part? Remember how Ash used a Pokémon to fight Hades? Yeah, either Ash apparently forgot, or he cannot reach his Pokéballs in his armor. This means we are stuck with them running despite the fact that they can totally take on three wolves with only two people, or you know, A GIANT FRAKING LIZARD! Eventually, the group is cornered, and Orko comes to save them. He pushes a tree trunk and they use it as a makeshift bridge to Terabithia.

So Orko pushes the log off as the wolves (and from the audio-clip, Cyber-Zilla) as we zoom out and see Maliss doing his usual “curses! Foiled again!” and I laughed at the AiW!Mirror’s “u mad?” face. Maliss decides to do things himself, as well as vow revenge on NEW Den-O and we see Scowl being lowered into a pit, and as we leave this part, he is almost into the pot. What will happen next? Find out next time!


Kotaro and Teddy's countdown actually comes from Saraba Den-O Final Countdown, where they use the same trick on the Imagin. In addition, I justify Made of Explodium by saying it's what happens to most of the enemies in the Kamen Rider series, especially Den-O. That and this is supposed to be a family film, so I can't really have Gorn in what I write. 4th Apr 11
I don't really mind the exploding wolves. It's Rule Of Cool to me.
Psyga315 4th Apr 11