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Wading through the backlog - a back-to-front video game journey

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King's Quest 1: Medieval Cartography (part 2)
So, to help this playthrough out a little bit, I decided to map out the overworld of Daventry in all its splendor to help me stay on track, and to give myself a little initiative to get going. The end result is here, all 47 screens of it. In all honestly, I'm surprised Daventry is as huge as it is, especially for a game its age. It certainly doesn't feel as large, though, when you can only walk six screens up before you get back to where you were, but that's understandable.

While I was making this map, I basically swept the entirety of the game area, and these were my findings:

Picking up a nut reveals that, inside, it's solid gold! Score! This is probably what the troll needs! There's also a patch of clovers nearby, and I'll take one for giggles. It's a four-leaved one too, what a coinkydink.

With the protective aide of my fairy godmother's spell, I explore deeper into the witch's home, grabbing both the note and a delectable piece of cheese from her cupboard. I wonder how they'll help me.

So! Before I try out anything else, what're your suggestions, tropers?
2nd Apr '11 9:11:27 AM flag for mods
The "sometimes it's wise to think backwards" thing is in fact a clue for one of the puzzles, but successfully using this clue requires such Bat Deduction that the puzzle was changed in later versions of the game for being borderline impossible.
Fluid 2nd Apr 11
This is one of the few things I know about this game, Fluid. I've got an inkling about said puzzle, though, but we'll cover that in a later update.
goodtimesfreegrog 2nd Apr 11
Oh yes, I know the puzzle you're referring to from reading it on, I think, our Guide Dang It page. It's a nasty one.

I'm liking this so far.
Idler20 2nd Apr 11
Anyway, the goat and the bucket do seem important. Perhaps you have to take the bucket somehow, or put something in it.
Fluid 2nd Apr 11
The bucket is fastened by a rope, I'll have to find something to cut it to make any use of it.
goodtimesfreegrog 2nd Apr 11
You could try giving the cheese to the woodcutter's wife, but it's probably meant for you to lure a mouse later or something.
Idler20 2nd Apr 11
Cut it with the carrots.
Ralphrius 2nd Apr 11
Given that this is a Sierra game, we ought to start taking bets on how long before you render the game Unwinnable somehow (assuming you haven't already).
Idler20 2nd Apr 11
He already has, considering giving carrots to the sick woman deducts points.
Ralphrius 2nd Apr 11
Wait, do you need maximum points to complete the game?
Idler20 2nd Apr 11
No, but point deduction may be an indicator you're doing something wrong. Don't worry about the carrots, actually, you can get new ones.
Fluid 2nd Apr 11
I'd prefer to keep maximum points through this playthrough. Thankfully, you can go back to the carrot patch to get as many carrots as you want.

And I'm pretty sure I've already done something to make this game unwinnable, time will tell what exactly that is.
goodtimesfreegrog 2nd Apr 11
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