When Worlds Collide: Triple Liveblog Edition

Psyga 315

Accompanying, Kidnapping, and Losing

So, here’s the story so far: Maliss swears revenge, Pooh is nowhere to be seen, and Kotaro is on pursuit. What will happen? Find out!

Part Two of Nine

So we begin with GAH! Maliss! What the hell! You look silly! He transforms into a giant wyvern (no, not a dragon, a wyvern. Wyverns are dragons with no arms, which is made pretty clear if you look closely) and flies out to go about his revenge spree.

Bowser informs the villains of Pooh’s allies. First is Mewtwo, who Bowser claims is a powerful Pokémon. Uh, yeah, try most powerful*. Let us see, in the first few minutes of Pokémon: The First Movie, Mewtwo blows up a lab that he was created in, defeated much of the Pokémon that targeted him (including two of Gary’s) and blew up part of Giovanni’s gym because being a slave is not his destiny. He is also capable of brainwashing people, deflecting Hyper Beams, cloning other Pokemon, summoning Pokéballs that can capture other Pokémon, even if they have been returned to their Pokéballs. He also knows a move that wasn’t introduced in the game series until Gold and Silver, can shield himself in a giant bubble, and if he manages to combine blasts with Mew, the Pokémon he was cloned from, to turn people into stone! And Bowser concludes that Mewtwo is more powerful than a genie with PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER! Frankly, I’d do like to see a matchup between Jafar and Mewtwo, even if it would probably end in Mewtwo telling Jafar to “NEVER SPEAK AGAIN!” Bowser then tells Maleficent of The Good Fairy (she (I assume) appeared in Pinocchio and the Emperor Of The Night, another movie that Filmation made that acts as a sequel to a fairy tale that coincidentally was turned into an animated movie by Disney) and tells her that The Good Fairy has more power than her. Bowser then reminds the Duke of his encounter with Slimer (So they “fought” before) and Duke wants a rematch. Bowser tells Hades of C-3P0 and R2-D2, who Pooh and his Friends nabbed after they “saved” the universe (well, Darth Vader just threw an old guy down a bottomless pit, but that’s being anti-climatic). Bowser tells Iago of Zilla, who has a different origin than I recall. According to the dialogue Bowser said, Mewtwo created Zilla, perhaps like how he made the clones in the movie. So, wait, can Mewtwo be considered a Mad Scientist now? That would be funny.

Mewtwo (sporting Dr. Insano Goggles): Now, a NEW reign of terror begins! MY reign of terror! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Finally, Bowser tells the villains of Aisling, Mewtwo’s adopted daughter, who is not only the fastest, but has the power to turn into a wolf. Ursula is pleased with this challenge. I just noticed. Bowser is setting up a sort of Psycho Rangers match up. It becomes evident when he says “Oh, Mewtwo is more powerful than Jafar”. I am expecting epicness, but seeing as this is Pooh’s Adventures... Anyways, the reason why Bowser brought the villains is so that they can defeat Pooh finally. Duke says he is with the sovereign. Wait, what? THE SOVEREIGN? AS IN NAZARA? I know it’s a different meaning*, but that would be instantly awesome if the villains allied themselves with The Reapers. So they all agree to kick Pooh’s ass. And Jafar says that his life is to serve Bowser. Wait... In the previous Pooh’s Adventures I did, he was the main villain, but now he kneels before Bowser? Oh, and in the Pooh’s Adventures Wikia, Bowser isn’t the Big Bad, but it’s Chernabog! Wait... where have I heard of this before? Okay, some beg to differ and say that Bowser is indeed the Big Bad, including myself, as other villains like Ratigan follow him as well.

So Bowser and friends take off in... THE OMEGA DOOMSHIP? YOU MEAN THE DOOMSHIP BOWSER HAS IN SUPER MARIO BROTHERS Z? AWESOME! Too bad BowserMovies1989 screwed this all up by using a MS Paint variation of a Hyperspace jump. In the Double Double Pooh’s Adventure liveblog, I mentioned how the Crappy MS Paint was one of the good parts, well, that was because everything else was filled with fail, that the MS Paint stood out as something awesome. Here it is the opposite. BowserMovies1989 is taking something awesome, and screwing it up with MS Paint. I would have just taken a clip of the Doomship moving and speeding it up a little.

So then the monsters come out of hiding in the closet (hah) and all of a sudden, music begins to play. Oh, Crap!. Musical Number. Well, I have the remedy for that. Replace Musical Number With Actual Music. And since this musical number is about someone saying he’s bad... YOU KNOW I’M BAD! I’M BAD!

So anyways, Scowl and Batso leave to help Maliss capture Snow White. We join Snow White and the Prince, who look nothing like Snow White and The Prince in the original. This Snow White has long hair and this Prince has red hair. Remember, I am in the mindset that this is a direct sequel to the Disney Snow White. So the Prince says that if it weren’t for the Dwarfs, he wouldn’t have found Snow White. Well, I can’t really recall, but I think he was just on his horse when he came across Snow White’s casket. In fact, most other retellings have the Prince come across Snow White’s casket. Which makes the fairy tale all the more creepier. So The Prince also knows of the Evil Queen Grimhilde (yes, that was her name). Again, he came over and decided to kiss her. He had no idea what the hell was going on, he just decided to kiss Snow White, who was considered dead at the time. Sleep tight knowing that the first Disney Prince was a lustful jackass. So Bowser arrives first, and instead of abducting or making them an easy target for Lord Maliss, he decides to wait for him. Wow. Best General Ever. Those Two Bad Guys also arrive, ready to help Maliss. And Maliss arrives and scoops up Snow White, and the Doomship accidently shoots at him (MS Paint Style), killing him and ending the movie.

No, of course not, but what we get instead is something epic... Cue Epic Music! The NEW Den-liner arrives and chases Maliss while the Prince frees Snow White. Kamen Rider NEW Den-O hops out and has his buddy Teddy turn into a giant sword that shoots lasers! (Yes, it can shoot lasers.) Bowser responds by firing back. And they miss, I assume, because Snow White isn’t reacting to the blasts. Nor is Maliss responding to the laser blasts from Macheteddy.

Scowl : Watch this, I’ll get her from behind.

{Laughs insanely from that line}

So Scowl fails. Hm... A red bird that’s a Butt-Monkey? Where have I heard that before? Bah, doesn’t matter. So Snow White takes the failures of Scowl to her advantage and run off into the forest (Odd, both this and Disney’s Snow White kick off with Snow White running to the forest to escape some threat) with Maliss being stuck between some trees. NEW Den-O tries to finish off Maliss with a good ol’ fashioned Rider Kick but he gets knocked down by Maliss’ fire. Hm. Seems this takes place after The Onigashima Warship but before Episode Blue (Though Word of God states that it takes place after Episode Blue), as The Worf Effect is hitting New Den-O hard. Speaking of fire, why doesn’t Maliss burn down the whole forest down? Or even use his fire breathing at all? Or how about the Omega Doomship shooting at the forest in an attempt to kill Snow White and NEW Den-O? Other than the movie being over. Well, Maliss has one fallback though, The Prince. He zaps him with his eye beams o’ doom. PWNED!

So New Den-O, aka Kotaro Nogami, introduces himself to Snow White. He explains that he was just passing through (That or was on his way home from defeating an Imagin) when he saw the council in Part 1. Snow White and Kotaro run through the forest (I wish) and hear wolves. Then they see a white wolf. No, not Okami. People who have seen the Double Double Pooh’s Adventure liveblog may recognize her as Aisling, whose Tropes page I just happened to find when I was writing this. So Snow White and New Den-O find the home where the Dwarfs lived, which, surprise, isn’t what it looks like in the Disney version. This is where we end the second part.

Wow, I am just downright shocked at these two parts. I have this feeling that this Pooh’s Adventures is gonna be Darker and Edgier. Why? Well, the villains succeed in kidnapping The Prince, and Pooh is nowhere to be seen. Hell, Pooh’s Friends save for Aisling doing recon duty are not seen for these two parts and so far, Kotaro is doing all the work saving Snow White. Plus, thinking of this video as this makes watching this more fun, and the less I think of this as passing a kidney stone, the better.


Sorry. That Crossover Ship was completely unintentional. Kotaro doesn't really have anything for Snow White, honest. So embarrassed and ashamed. 3rd Apr 11
Don't be, I was just joking about that. Now I feel embarrassed.
Psyga315 3rd Apr 11 (edited by: Psyga315)
Interesting, but(and this is my opinion)but Jafar kick Bowser's ass? anyway that's all I had to say.:) 13th Sep 11
muffed up on thatt it's supposed to be "wouldn't" Jafar kick Bowser's ass? (Sorry!) 13th Sep 11
Yeah, I would assume so, but according to some other Pooh's Adventures, he's the de facto big bad of sorts, because in another Pooh's Adventures, Ratigan talked with Bowser and it's clear that Ratigan's the minion.
Psyga315 14th Sep 11