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Can You Face Your True Feelings?

Episode 7 - Can You Face Your True Feelings?

Sayaka is coming back to her apartment, presumably shortly after the events of last episode. Once she reaches her room, she starts yelling at Kyuubey about removing her soul without telling her. His response is that humans don't really use their souls anyway, and that moving the soul helps keep the magical girls alive and lessens the pain they feel. He demonstrates the last point by torturing Sayaka through her Soul Gem. Oh, and there's something about pulling your soul further into the Gem reducing pain even more, at the cost of slowing movement

And the opening. Back to the ep 5 version for some reason

The next day, Sayaka isn't in school. Rather, she's curled up in bed, traumatized

Off to the roof again, for the latest conversation between Homura and Madoka, this time on the subject of Soul Gems. Summary: Homura has attempted to explain the truth before, but never believed; Kyuubey doesn't understand human values; Homura doesn't believe there's a way out of the contract; Homura doesn't consider herself human

Sayaka is still moping in bed, about how she can't face Kyousuke like this, when Kyouko telepathically contacts her. Kyouko takes Sayaka to a ruined old church. On the way over, Kyouko explains that, on the whole, she's okay with a zombie; she enjoys the power and thinks it's a fair trade.

Once they arrive we get Kyouko's backstory: Her dad was the priest of a church. He was also a heretic, resulting in him having no congregation and getting excommunicated. So the family ended up dirt poor. This all led Kyouko to wish for people to listen to her father. So for a while her dad was successful, and she felt good about saving people by killing witches. Then her dad found out that he had followers through magic, and promptly went insane and killed himself and the rest of the family. Now Kyouko is a fierce believer in caring only for one's self

Some more conversation follows. Basically, Kyouko wants to help Sayaka, but Sayaka, though more sympathetic to Kyouko now, still wants to fight to help others

The next morning, Kamijou is going back to school, but Sayaka can't seem to work up the courage to face him. This results in her getting pulled aside by Hitomi after school for a chat. Hitomi is also in love with Kamijou, but doesn't want to take anything from Sayaka. So she's giving her one day to confess to Kamijou before she does herself

That evening, as she goes out to hunt witches, Sayaka breaks down at Madoka. She found herself wishing that she hadn't saved Hitomi, because she doesn't want Hitomi to take Kamijou (which she believes she's powerless to stop, as, being a zombie, she is unworthy of him). This makes her a failure as a hero

A bit later, in an industrial district, Kyouko is watching the fight from outside the kekkai. Homura shows up, but before they have much chance to talk, Kyouko notices that Sayaka isn't doing well

The inside is very dark and the landscape appears to be a woman holding a monstrance. Seems the witch, Elsa Maria, is a Catholic. Sayaka is busy fighting the serpentlike minions, called Sebastians. When she does get past them, Elsa Maria grows a tree at her. The whole thing is somewhat reminiscent of the prologue. Sayaka manages to get through by using that pain-dulling trick mentioned by Kyuubey, getting rather creepy and a little bit Flandre right before the end. Madoka is worried about all this

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Touhou - it infects ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

That breakdown scene near the end of the episode made this stoic's heart skip a few beats... that level of emotionality (along with Madoka's "breakdown" scene at breakfast) I haven't experienced since Code Geass...
sapphire475gs 24th Feb 11