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It's A New Day

All right. Before we get down to it, let me tell you about what the Point Build System is, (I know, it’s TV Tropes where you can just check this for yourself, but I feel like I should do it anyways). Depending on what game system you play (like D&D or Fudge), you are granted points when you create a character. These points are used to acquire abilities as shown in Parts 2 and 3, however, if you go over the number of points (for example, spending 9 points over your 20 point limit), you have to make up for it with flaws that could hinder your character. Skilled players take this to their advantage, as flaws gives points to balance the points you spent, thus they give their characters flaws that will give them many points to acquire abilities that are more powerful and expensive. This process is called Min-Maxing. Fortunately, the flaws give you up to two points, so in the end; it will not really help you that much.

Another thing I wish to note: In order to obtain Scout/Knight/Negaverse abilities, you have to spend points into the Scout/Knight/Negaverse power ability, which grants you points to spend on those abilities alone. All right then. Now, on with the show.

Step six: Wield a fist of iron Determine stats. Remember that Body, Mind, and Soul thing a few posts back? It gets used to determine the stats. Combat Value, which was talked about in the other posts is finally revealed. How much your attack and defense are. It is determined by adding your Body, Mind, and Soul stats and then dividing by three. We do not know how they fair in the game though, so let us go to the next stat: Health. This determines how well you will fare in a fight before someone knocks your lights out. If it goes below zero, than it could be either a fatal or knockout hit. This is determined by adding both your body and soul stat and multiplying it by five. Finally, there is the energy stat, as I mentioned before, this allows you to execute the abilities. However, it can also be used to increase your stats or health points temporarily. It is calculated by adding mind plus soul and multiplying it by five.

Step seven: Raise Hell Backstory. You pretty much write a backstory for your character. That is it. If you do well enough, the GM may give you bonus points.

Step Eight: FREEDOM!!! Yeah, there is no step eight in the book, but I decided to make my own character. But who to choose? A Scout? A Lantern Knight? A villain? Well, I don’t wish to create a cross-class character, because I don’t know if that “Tainted by the Negaverse” thing will result in me barely landing a hit on someone or just scratching them. So I am stuck to one choice.

I have decided to play a Scout, for simplicity’s sake. Named Sunny. Yes, you know where this is going. It’s inevitable that I invoke the Sailor Earth trope and make a scout for the sun. Okay, I know, I don’t have to base the Scout off a star or planet, but I want to, and you will see why as we go deeper.

Since there is no GM, I will do the granting of the points. I will just grant myself 15 points. Now to spend them. I will give two to body, three to mind, and ten to soul. Now, why do I have so many points on Soul? Because if you paid any attention, Soul always comes into the stat determining. It’s the One Stat to Rule Them All. Also, it will be justified in-story. Let’s continue.

Now, I am given 20 points. Obviously the first thing I should do is spend 12 points on the Scout powers, granting me 30 sub-points. The first thing I will spend with this? My elemental control. Now, for someone whose motif is the sun itself, what element will it be? Well, taking cues from OOO’s Ratorata Combo, it will be a combo of Playing with Fire and Light The Way. Here’s how it will work:

  • Level 1: She will produce a bright flash that will be the same as a flash from a camera.
  • Level 2: Same as above, but now there will be a toasty feeling every time she uses that power.
  • Level 3: The flash will be brighter and longer, sort of like having a flashlight being shined in your eyes for two seconds.
  • Level 4: The toasty feeling turns into heat that can make some people sweat.
  • Level 5: The flash will totally blind people temporarily.
  • Level 6: The heat is increased to the point in which it will downright burn people, and heat up water to its boiling point.

Not too severe as being able to crush cities with black holes or tidal waves, hey, last I checked, I was a good guy. Or gal. Whatever. Next, I shall add Scout attack, at level three, knocking me back another 12 points. With only nine points left, I spend three on an animal guardian, which will be, in relation to light, a Firefly. I am close to either naming it Evangeline or Serenity. I will get back to that eventually. I spend the last six points on an item of power: A talisman to ward off evil spirits.

Now for the neutral powers. I have eight so I will spend what I can. I shall take advantage of the Soul stat and purchase all the powers related to Soul. Two points go to Strong Soul (bumping my soul to 12), three go to Art of Distraction, and another three go to Supernatural Training.

Oh wow, I have no debt, does this mean I will skip out on the flaws? Hell Naw! Where’s the fun in scorching your enemies without having to say something silly? I take the following: Attack Gesture (2), Attack Restriction (1), Attack Words (2), Item Dependency (1), Powered After Transformation (2), Transformation Loss (1). Thus freeing me up 9 points. Let’s spend them shall we? Four points to Appearance, one to Rerolls, two to Damn Healthy, and two to energy bonus. Now we look at our finished character:

  • Name: Sunny
  • Scout Name: Sailor Sola
  • Element: Light and Heat
  • Body: 3
  • Mind: 4
  • Soul: 12
  • Attack Value: 6
  • Defense Value: 3
  • Health: 95
  • Energy: 100
  • Defects:
    • Attack Gesture (2)
    • Attack Restriction (1)
    • Attack Words (2)
    • Item Dependency (1)
    • Powered After Transformation (2)
    • Transformation Loss (1)
    • Special Requirement (must transform every three days or else the demon comes out of her body, killing her in the process) (2)
  • Abilities:
    • Scout Powers (3):
      • Animal Guardian (3)
      • Elemental Influence (3)
      • Item Of Power
        • Tailsman (3)
      • Scout Attack (3)
    • Appearance (4)
    • Art Of Distraction (4) (The fourth level of Appearance gives an extra level to Art of Distraction)
    • Damn Healthy (2)
    • Divine Relation (1)
    • Energy Bonus (2)
    • Strong Soul (2)
    • Supernatural Training (3)

And now, the story, while I could just pull the “She was a princess of the sun and was reincarnated (or was transported) 1000 years into the future” card, I won’t. Instead, I will pull a similar card.

500 years ago, a demon with the power to engulf entire forests in flames invaded a village somewhere in Sengoku Era Japan. The villagers fought off the threat, only to realize that the demon will have the last laugh as it can just keep reincarnating itself so long as the men share the level of corruption as the demon. Elsewhere, several Buddhist Monks prepare a ritual for a girl, who was sick. The ritual was to make her soul reincarnate 10 years into the future, so is to live again. However, as the soul ascended from the girl’s shell, it collided with the demon’s soul. The pureness of the girl mixed with the corruption of the demon canceled each other out and created a single entity, that would reincarnate 500 years into the future, alongside the other Scouts. Thus, Sunny was born.

Sunny’s life was normal for her, until her fourteenth birthday, in which she saw something glowing inside her. Suddenly, a firefly came up to her and began to speak. The firefly was the demon’s abused-for-laughs adviser who had been following Sunny since she was born to give her a warning: the demon’s strength is building up, and soon, it will free itself from the combined souls, taking Sunny with it. To counter this, the firefly gave Sunny a device that would summon the demon and possess her, so is to give the demon something to do and blow off its strength. This device was a pen, designed similar to the Scouts’ transformation pen. Sunny accepts the pen and tries it out. Not soon after, the demon appears and possesses Sunny, with a change in wardrobe as well. The demon notices the outfit and replies in awe. The demon finds that there are similarly clothed heroes out there, and adapts the naming pattern of those heroes. The demon named this form Sailor Sola. Sunny accepts this as well, and soon, the pair arranges a partnership, with Sunny in the driver’s seat, as the demon was more of a “You Point, I Shoot” kind of demon.

Sunny was given a talisman for a birthday present, which can ward off demons (except for the one inside her, mostly because it’s not strong enough to split up souls). Sunny’s hobbies include performing street arts, which is good for distractions (then again, most people would just go “Daw, it’s a cute girl juggling!”) and making money. The demon inside Sunny grants her a taste of divine intervention (Rerolls), a strong soul, a healthier body, and the ability to detect other demons.

And there, it’s not the best story, but it could beat other Sailor Earth stories, and with that we are done chapter 2. After Step 7, there are character bios and they detail most of the characters (As they can’t cover everyone). They also have pictures of the characters as well. However, they refuse to spill the beans on Chibi-Chibi’s origins for some reason. Despite the chances to watch all of Stars and understanding it in the 90s being common with the chances of being struck by lightning (if I recalled correctly).

And we are done 118 pages. Wow, I covered half the book already. Maybe the end is near. Well, adios.


Seems nifty. Somehow I'm picturing Archimedes Mirror Death Ray being involved; Maybe if you had a Barrier Maiden Barrier Warrior teammate.
DrRockopolis 1st Feb 11
It feels slighty odd to type this out, but this system seems quite fascinating, and (despite my habit of being offline for a week and then never catching up) I don't think I'd mind that much if offered to participate. And I've never even watched the show before!

Anyways, best of luck with the other half of the book.
EndarkCuli 2nd Feb 11