Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage


Hi everybody! Today, we head for Mikasalla and beyond. We could go back to Madra to check on Piers, but that just starts another chain of events we can't finish yet.

Annoyingly, the Broken Bridge out of Alhafra is still broken, so we have to go via Yampi Desert. Luckily, there is an exit to the south near the exit to Alhafra, so we get to the area quickly.

I then rearrange my Djinn. Sheba remains a Diviner (Jupiter), Jenna gets both Jupiter Djinn, becoming an Illusionist (Mars), and Felix gets the Mysterious Card. This setup will change quite a lot until we get our fourth party member, so this is probably the best time to make suggestions.

The exit from Yampi Desert actually leaves us right near Air's Rock. However, we have a lot to do before we want to go there.

So anyway, Mikasalla. We find some Lucky Pepper in the inn. We give Felix the Luck boost. There's also a Colosso fighter in here.

Galahad: Forgive my manners... No, please... Do not fear me. I am the warrior Galahad. I am looking for someone, and I need your help... Do you know of a knight called Isaac?

(Felix: Yes)

Galahad: You do? I must warn Sir Isaac that he is in danger most grievous... Even now, Satrage, Navampa, and Azart are looking for him... They wish to avenge the loss he gave them at Colosso.

Hah. Not as long as he has psychic sword to the face power.

A few people around here talk about the town of Garoh to the east. Apparently, it's residents aren't human.

In the southwest corner of town, we Scoop up an entrance to an underground passage. It leads us to a Mars Djinn!

Felix found the Mars Djinni Spark!

Spark gives 11 HP and 6 PP. In battle, it has a 60% chance of reviving a downed Adept at 60% HP.

We also get the Kirin Summon. For 2 Mars Djinn, it attacks at 60 Mars Power plus 6% of the target's HP, then increases the user's Mars Power by 30.

At this point, I decide to not bother with item classes and give Felix Spark, making him a Ruffian.

We start to head for our next location, the Osenia Cavern, and on the way, we find a Mercury Djinn! It fights us, but we defeat it with its weakness to Mars.

Felix found the Mercury Djinni Sour!

Sour gives 8 HP, 4 PP and 3 Attack. In battle, it performs a Mercury attack at 150% of the user's Attack, and has a chance to lower the target's Resistance by 40.

We also get the Nereid Summon. For 2 Mercury Djinn, she attacks at 60 Mercury Power plus 6% of the target's HP, then increases the user's Mercury Power by 30.

Class rearrangement time again. Felix gets both Mercury Djinn, making him a Defender (Venus), and give the Mars Djinn to whoever needs the given boosts.

Anyway, in the Osenia Cavern, we use Scoop to reveal an underground passageway. This takes us to a summon tablet.

Felix can now summon Megaera!

For 1 Mars and 1 Jupiter Djinn, Megaera attacks at 40 Mars Power plus 6% of the target's HP, increases all Adept's Attack by 12.5%, then raises the user's Mars and Jupiter Power by 10. Graphically, her 4 swords fall down and make some fire tornado thing.

That's it for now. Next time, we go to Garoh.


Felix: Lv 12 Defender (Venus) HP:210 PP:65 Attack:128 Defence:104 Agility:61 Luck:6

Jenna: Lv 12 Illusionist (Mars) HP:164 PP:79 Attack:117 Defence:85 Agility:75 Luck:3

Sheba: Lv 12 Diviner (Jupiter) HP:156 PP:95 Attack:100 Defence:72 Agility:69 Luck:5

Djinn: 2 Venus, 2 Mars, 2 Jupiter, 2 Mercury


So you have right now:

  • 2 Mercury on Felix
  • 2 Jupiter on Jenna
  • 2 Venus on Sheba
  • and 2 Mars to spread out between these people.

I'd like to suggest...

  • 2 Venus on Felix (Squire Series Rank 2)
  • 2 Jupiter, 1 Mars on Jenna (Mars Illusionist)
  • 2 Mercury, 1 Mars on Sheba (Hermit Series Rank 2).
AweStriker 20th Dec 10 (edited by: AweStriker)
OK. I'll use that, probably until I end up with more Djinn. Arranging all this between 3 characters gets really annoying after a while.
SomeColorMage 20th Dec 10
By the way, how do you know about the Djinn power stats? Are you using a strategy guide?

'cause I don't remember seeing them in-game, and it's not the kind of thing JRPGs do...
Medinoc 11th Jan 11
Yeah, I've got a few guides open when I work on these updates.
SomeColorMage 11th Jan 11